Podcast S06E09: Service with a smile!

Author(s)George Crowder
Date 22 November 2021
Type Audio and Blog Post

Mark Glew talks to George Crowder about healthy attitudes to service in our churches.

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Podcast S06E08: Getting Stuck In

Author(s)Chris Moore
Date 15 November 2021
Type Audio and Blog Post

Chris Moore talks to Rob Munro about the benefits of long-term ministry, and getting stuck into the local community and the diocese.

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Savage Wolves Will Not Spare The Flock

Author(s)Simon Tomkins
Date 10 November 2021
Categories Ministry and Parish ministry
Type Blog Post

Simon Tomkins offers seven challenging questions for church leaders to consider in order to protect their flock.

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Ministry and Mental Health

Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 3 November 2021
Type Audio

Helen Thorne's seminar from JAEC 2021 on ministry and mental health.

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