Fellowship of Word and Spirit Conference

The Fellowship of Word and Spirit Conference offers theologically rigorous Reformed teaching, with ample opportunity built into the programme for application, reflection and prayer. We welcome all clergy and lay people to this conference, usually held over three days in January or February.

Leadership Reset: 2023 Conference


Christian leadership has rightly come under scrutiny in recent times. This year’s FWS conference seeks to take stock of that and reflect on some pertinent questions that arise from the Bible, from theology and from the world today.
What does it mean to ‘Lord it’ over people like ‘the rulers of Gentiles’? Who can tell you to do what you don’t want to do? What needs to change in our leadership model?

We will explore the biblical understanding of authority and headship in church leadership, how it informs our reformed theology of ministry, and how it credibly applies practically in the context of local Anglican churches.

We will be having Bible readings from 1 Timothy to refresh us and underpin our reflections on this important subject.

The distinctive of this conference, is that we actually confer! That is, we foster a forum for debate, sharing ideas and encouraging one another in ministry. Each session is rooted in good teaching, but has substantial time for interaction, application and deepening our appreciation of it.

We are committed to reformed theology and its application to the whole of life, but are ready to encourage and help each other wrestle with its challenges. We are a genuine fellowship, with plenty of time given for spiritual encouragement and prayer, for cultivating friendships old and new, and for resting from the usual frantic pace of ministry.

We hope it will be a time of genuine spiritual and physical refreshment for both clergy and lay people.

The 2023 Fellowship of Word and Spirit Conference will be held from 30th January to 1st February at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick.

You can complete the booking form linked above and return it to the Church Society office, or you can book and pay online.

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