Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference

2023 has already been a turbulent year for the Church of England. At this summer’s Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference we will pause to take stock of what the Church of England should be and what she now is. In doing so, there will be opportunity to consider what it means to serve in the Church of England, and how we can continue to contend for the church to be reformed and renewed in biblical faith.

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Resources from previous conferences

Established by John Richardson in 2011, Church Society has hosted this conference since 2014. It is specifically for those who are ‘junior’, that is anyone considering ministry in the Church of England, lay or ordained, through training, curacy and the first few years of incumbency or the equivalent. The conference aims to help anyone in that category be more effective as an Anglican Evangelical, making the most of every opportunity to reach the lost for Jesus, build up the church through his word, and send workers into God’s harvest field. JAEC is usually held in the last week of August.