The Church Society Trust is patron of approximately 130 parishes. The Trust is a separate legal entity from Church Society but its members and directors are appointed by the Church Society Council.

Church Society Trust Parishes

CST Parishes Prayer list

Current vacancies and recent appointments for Trust parishes are listed below, together with application and registration forms for clergy who are interested in applying for appointments. We also curate a list of other vacancies which may be of interest to Church Society members. To submit an advert for inclusion in this list, as well as circulation to our members and contacts via email and a closed Facebook group, please contact the office. Ideally, please include a link to a website where the information is available.

Church Society Trust Patronage

Vacancies in Church Society Trust Parishes

P-in-C, Brixton, St Paul, Diocese of Southwark.

P-in-C, Fowey, Diocese of Truro.

Vicar, Mursley, Diocese of Oxford.

Team Vicar, Sevington, Diocese of Canterbury.

Rector, Stanstead, Diocese of St Eds & Ips.

Recent Appointments in Church Society Trust Parishes

Revd Louis Wilson, Vicar, Henham, Diocese of Chelmsford.

Revd James Gwyn-Thomas, Rector, Wath, Diocese of Leeds.

Revd Mark Hopkins, P-in-C, St James, Pangbourne, Diocese of Oxford.

Revd Joanna Farnworth, Team Rector, Stirchley, Diocese of Lichfield.

Application forms

Clergy wishing to apply to Church Society Trust for possible appointments are asked to complete two forms.

Evangelical Patronage Consultative Council registration – this form provides general information and is used in common with the other members of the EPCC. The list is administered by CPAS. If you have already completed the EPCC form, it will be sent to the Directors of Church Society Trust and you do not need to complete it again. If you send us the EPCC form we will forward it to CPAS unless you request otherwise.

Download in:
Word (to complete electronically)
PDF (to print and send)

Church Society Trust form – this form contains further information which will be of help in fulfilling the Trust’s duty to recommend to parish representatives people who fit their parish profile.

Download in:
Word (to complete electronically)
PDF (to print and send)