In many places church revitalisation could be the best way to reach local people with the good news of Jesus.

In some places it might be the only way.

In partnership with ReNew, Church Society is hosting this series of bi-monthly webinars to connect, encourage and equip people in this ministry. Revitalisation ministry can be challenging and isolating, but God is calling more and more people to do it. If you are one of those people, or you are thinking about it, or you just want to know more about it, please join us.

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Next webinar

Maintaining your spiritual life and using the congregation's traditions for the gospel

We’re delighted that Mike Neville, something of a ‘grand-daddy’ in revitalisation ministry (compared to many of you!), has agreed to speak and take questions at our next webinar. I’ll let him introduce himself and the webinar.

“I came to a committed Christian faith while studying Theology at Durham University in 1980. I have been engaged in full-time Christian ministry since 1984. After three curacy type jobs in London, I was appointed as Rector of Fordham near Colchester in 1993, to a church which had an attendance of ten on a good day. I was there for 18 years and in God’s goodness saw growth in the Church. In 2011, I was appointed as Vicar of St Simon Zelotes in the Chelsea/Knightsbridge part of London. Again, it was a church in need of spiritual re-vitalisation. We continue to serve at St Simon’s and are grateful for God’s help in a challenging context. I am married to Liz and we have four children and seven grandchildren.

I have been asked to address two issues in the Webinar. The first is how we can maintain our own spiritual life. I will be talking about why this is so vital and some practices I have found helpful over the years. Secondly I will be talking briefly about the evangelistic potential of using a Traditional Public Worship style.”

As usual, we will have a Bible reading from Mike, followed by an interview of him and his talk. Then, time for Q&A followed by a time in geographically-based Breakout Rooms to build relationships and pray for each other.

Book now – as always, it’s free! We’re really looking forward to seeing as many as possible of you.