Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 20 May 2021

What is the Priscilla Programme?
The Priscilla Programme is an online training course for women, run by Ros Clarke in partnership with Church Society and Union School of Theology.

Download the pdf flyer for the Priscilla Programme.

Who is the Priscilla Programme for?

The Priscilla Programme is open to any woman who would like to better understand God’s word and God’s ways, for her own spiritual growth and to serve others. It is designed to help women teach the word ‘more accurately’, to care for others more biblically, and to be better able to give reasons for your faith.

No previous experience or training is required, merely a willingness to learn. There are no formal assessments, though students will be expected to participate in the weekly seminars and occasionally present their work in these small groups. The Priscilla Programme is designed for women who are involved in a local church, and would like to be better equipped to serve in ministries such as Sunday schools, youth groups, pastoral visiting, or leading Bible studies. It is NOT intended as training for women in full-time or paid ministry roles.

If you aren’t sure whether the Priscilla Programme would be right for you, please contact Ros Clarke ( who would be happy to discuss it with you.

Download the pdf flyer for the Priscilla Programme.

What is the content of the Priscilla Programme?

The Priscilla Programme consists of six modules:

Bible 1: Old Testament
What is the Bible? How should we read and understand it? Why does the Old Testament matter and what is it about?
This module will introduce students to the major themes and genres of the Bible, concentrating mainly on the Old Testament. It will give students a grasp of the timeline of the Bible, and an understanding of why the Old Testament is important for Christians. The seminars will introduce principles of exegesis and begin to help students understand how to teach others.

What do Christians believe and why? How can we bring together everything the Bible has to say on a subject? How do we go about answering difficult questions about what God is like and who Jesus is?
This module will outline the basics of theology, looking at God, Christ, humanity, salvation, and the church. The seminars will focus on applying these theological principles in pastoral situations.

Evangelism and Apologetics
How can we explain our faith to other people? Is Christianity a reasonable thing to believe? What can we say about difficult questions?
This module will help students think about what the gospel message is and how to communicate it. We will also consider how Christianity makes sense of the world and how we can give reasons for our faith. The seminars will give practice in answering questions and explaining our faith.

Church History
How has God built his church around the world over the past 2000 years and what lessons can we learn from that today?
This module will help students to set the contemporary church in context and to see how we can learn important lessons from Christians of the past. There will be a particular focus on the role of women in church history.

Bible 2: New Testament
This module will build on Bible 1 (and should be taken after that module has been studied), focussing on the New Testament gospels, letters and the book of Revelation. The seminars will develop students’ skills in exegesis, and also work on application and presentation for talks and Bible studies.

Ethics and Pastoral Care
How do we look after the people God has brought into our churches and our lives? What help and support can we offer those facing difficult situations? How can we spur everyone on to love and good deeds?
This module will introduce some principles of biblical ethics and pastoral care as well as looking at specific issues such as sex and sexuality, grief, parenting, and mental ill-health. Seminars will give opportunity to learn how to respond to some of these situations from God’s word and with his love.

How do I enrol on the Priscilla Programme?
All students will need good, reliable internet access. You will need to be able to give around 5 hours/week to study and you must commit to attending the weekly seminars online. The cost of each module is £250, which includes lectures, seminars, downloadable worksheets and readings, access to the online forum, and individual tutorials.

You will enrol for each module separately, and can take as many or as few of the modules as you choose. You can take breaks between modules or choose to work through the whole course in two years.

To apply for the course, please visit the Priscilla Programme page on the Union School of Theology website. You should complete the electronic application form and return it to the email address at the bottom of the form.

Download the pdf flyer for the Priscilla Programme.

View two sample lectures here.

Term dates 2022-23:

Autumn Term:
Old Testament; Church History
September 18 - December 9, with half term from October 24-28

Spring Term:
Doctrine; New Testament
January 9 - March 24, with half term from February 13-17

Summer Term:
Ethics and Pastoral Care; Evangelism and Apologetics
April 24 - July 7, with half term from May 29 - June 2