The Network of Revitalisation Ministries has developed from a successful series of revitalisation webinars. It has been surprising to find out just how many church leaders are engaged in this challenging ministry.  There has been no campaign to speak of, simply God’s call on the lives of faithful, servant hearted church leaders.  Very few have a team with them and very few of the churches they go to have any established biblical ministry.  Most have gone with just their families to a non-evangelical Church of England parish or benefice. 

Church revitalisation is often a long, slow and difficult process, so the support and encouragement of other revitalisation ministers is of huge benefit, even just from a bi-monthly webinar.  That’s why NoRM – Network of Revitalisation Ministries – has been established with four main aims:


Through NoRM, we hope to inspire, support and equip those who are considering a calling to revitalisation ministry. 


We offer those in revitalisation ministry a fraternity for fellowship in what can be a lonely and isolating calling. 


A network like NoRM will give revitalisation ministries visible representation to in the evangelical constituency and the wider church.


By raising the profile of revitalisation churches, we hope that more people will support this ministry by joining and committing to these churches.

What does NoRM offer?


Bimonthly webinars including interviews with people in revitalisation ministry, talks on relevant subjects, and time for fellowship and prayer.  More information about upcoming webinars and booking is here.


Would you benefit from a mentoring relationship with a minister who has been involved in this kind of ministry? Contact your Regional Director to express your interest and we will be glad to set this up for you.


Regular email newsletters from Church Society’s Regional Directors with encouragements, opportunities and news. Sign up to receive the newsletters here.


Ministry can be a lonely business, especially in revitalisation work. Through the NoRM network you can connect with others in similar situations and those with greater experience. There is an active WhatsApp group and there are opportunities to connect with others in your local area.


Church Society’s three Regional Directors are always available to talk to about any issues you are struggling with. They may be able to connect you with other revitalisation work in your local area, and they would be happy to hear suggestions of other ways we could support you.

Contact your Regional Director:

North of England: George Crowder

Midlands and South West: Chris Moore

South and East: Tony Cannon