Review: Drink This, All of You

Author(s)Marc Lloyd
Date 25 January 2022
Categories Church of England and Ministry
Type Blog Post and review

Marc Lloyd reviews a new Grove booklet on the use of individual cups at communion.

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Podcast S07E01: Of the making of many books

Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 24 January 2022
Categories 2022 Episodes and Podcast
Type Audio and Blog Post

Tom Creedy, commissioning editor at IVP, talks to Ros about Christian publishing.

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The Global Anglican Essay Prize Winner!

Author(s)Lee Gatiss
Date 17 January 2022
Category News
Type Blog Post

Lee Gatiss announces the winner of the Global Anglican Essay Prize.

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The Global Anglican

Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 6 January 2022
Type Blog Post

The latest edition of The Global Anglican, our quarterly theological journal, is now published.

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