Author(s)Church Society
Date 12 January 2021
Category LLF resources

This set of resources has been produced by Church Society to help Christians learn about the Bible’s teaching on sex and marriage, particularly as the Church of England engages with the Living in Love and Faith material on identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

The seven topics in the series are designed to help Christians understand the Bible’s teaching on sex and marriage within a broader biblical context. The series begins with two sessions on meaning and identity, as we seek to understand who we are and what our purpose is in life. These are followed with sessions on sin and obedience, helping us to understand why we must be obedient to Christ rather than simply true to ourselves. Then we turn to the question of why God cares what we do with our bodies, and conclude with specific sessions on sex and marriage.

The resources include:

Seven 5 minute videos

Filmed by the Church Society staff team, these short videos give clear introductions to each topic. They can be used in church services, at staff meetings, in prayer meetings, or shared with church members in other ways. The videos are all available on the Church Society YouTube channel and can also be downloaded here for you to use.

Printable discussion guide

This is an A5 booklet which can be printed for use by individuals and small groups. For each video there are Bible passages to read and three questions to discuss. These can be completed within about half an hour. There is also a suggested plan for home groups wishing to combine topics and have a shorter series.

Suggested sermon series

For each topic there is a suggested Bible reading or two, and an outline for a sermon. The videos would be a good resource for preachers working through these subjects. Again there are suggested plans for shorter series.

The discussion guide, sermon series guide, and all the videos can be downloaded from the Dropbox folder here. You’ll also find the graphics for the series, which you are welcome to use and adapt for your own church publicity.