Author(s)Lee Gatiss
Date 31 March 2015

Immigration may well be a big issue during this election, and so we also explore some of the opportunities that has brought us for spreading the gospel. Rather than the kind of syncretism that has been observed recently in parts of Southwark diocese, Stephen Watkinson, who ministers in a predominantly Muslim area of Northern England, has some pointers to help us think about building bridges and building churches which honour our great God and saviour, Jesus Christ.

As more and more women bishops are announced, Lee Gatiss looks at the House of Bishops’ “Five Guiding Principles” on the issue, which are being used to filter all appointments. Can ordinands assent to them with a clear conscience?

Alison Wynne looks forward to the General Synod election later this year, while Andrea Ruddick looks back 800 years to the signing of Magna Carta, and its impact on the church. On a practical note, John Percival gives us an extensive review of church management tools, which will be of especial interest to church secretaries, administrators, and PCCs.

We also have some new music and prayer material from songwriter Matt Searles; some wisdom on interacting with people in the so-called Twittersphere from former Chelsea footballer, Gavin Peacock; and reflections on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon from bestselling author, Katharine Swartz.


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