Author(s)Kirsten Birkett
Date 28 March 2024

In this first issue of The Global Anglican for 2024, Peter Jensen reflects on his lifetime of ordained ministry, and some of the crucial lessons he has learned. This is a wealth of wisdom that all those in ministry would do well to heed.
We also have a specifically global Anglican section, as Andrew Atherstone comments on what exactly it means to be in communion with the See of Canterbury. Sam Ashton then develops a theological description of sin within the Anglican tradition.
Examining an area that perhaps modern evangelicals pay too little attention to, Andrew Towner looks at the issue of conscience, with an essay on the Puritan William Fenner’s work The Soul’s Looking Glass. Daniel Cole then re-evaluates what Jesus means when he quotes from Hosea 6, ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice’, to the Pharisees.

To finish, we have our usual helpful and insightful reviews of recent books.

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