Author(s)Lee Gatiss
Date 15 November 2017

40 days in the 39 Articles

Article 1: Of faith in the Holy Trinity

Article 2: Of the Word or Son of God which was made very man

Article 3: Of the going down of Christ into hell

Article 4: Of the resurrection of Christ

Article 5: Of the Holy Ghost

Article 6: Of the sufficiency of the holy Scriptures for salvation

Article 7: Of the Old Testament

Article 8: Of the three creeds

Article 9: Of the original or birth-sin

Article 10: Of free-will

Article 11: Of the justification of man

Article 12: Of good works

Article 13: Of works before justification

Article 14: Of works of supererogation

Article 15: Of Christ alone without sin

Article 16: Of sin after baptism

Article 17: Of predestination and election

Article 18: Of obtaining eternal salvation only by the name of Christ

Article 19: Of the church

Article 20: Of the authority of the church

Article 21: Of the authority of General Councils

Article 22: Of purgatory

Article 23: Of ministering in the congregation

Article 24: Speaking in the congregation in a language that people understand

Article 25: Of the sacraments

Article 26: Of the unworthiness of the ministers, which hinders not the effect of the sacrament

Article 27: Of baptism

Article 28: Of the Lord's Supper

Article 29: Of the wicked which eat not the body of Christ in the Lord's Supper

Article 30: Of both kinds

Article 31: Of the one oblation of Christ finished upon the cross.

Article 32: Of the marriage of priests

Article 33: Of excommunicate persons, how they are to be avoided

Article 34: Of the traditions of the church

Article 35: Of the homilies

Article 36: Of consecration of bishops and ministers

Article 37: Of the civil magistrates

Article 38: Of Christian men's goods, which are not common

Article 39: Of a Christian man's oath