George Herbert’s prayer after preaching

It was common in olden times not only to “say grace” before a meal, but also to pray after the meal as well. Hence, in our final blog on George Herbert, we come to his prayer for after a sermon.

May this be our prayer, not only for good digestion of God’s word, but also for digestion of all the good things we may have extracted from Herbert’s book over the last six weeks.

And speaking of food, we look forward to the breaking of Lent and the dawning of a new day tomorrow, as Easter comes — and with it, the reminder of Christ’s resurrection glory.

I hope you, dear reader, have enjoyed these blogposts through the strange yet often edifying territory of Mr Herbert’s Country Parson, as much as I have.

A Prayer after Sermon
Blessed be God and the Father of all mercy, who continues to pour his benefits upon us! You have elected us, you have called us, you have justified us, sanctified, and glorified us.

You were born for us, and you lived and died for us. You have given us the blessings of this life, and of a better. O Lord! Your blessings hang in clusters, they come trooping upon us! They break forth like mighty waters on every side.

And now Lord, you have fed us with the bread of life. So man did eat Angel’s food. O Lord, bless it. O Lord, make it health and strength unto us, still striving and prospering so long within us, until our obedience reach the measure of your love, who has done for us as much as may be.

Grant this dear Father, for your Son’s sake, our only Saviour, to whom with you, and the Holy Ghost — three Persons but one most glorious, incomprehensible God — be ascribed all honour, and glory, and praise forever. Amen.


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