Date 25 March 2015

The Anglican Church League in Australia is a sister organisation of Church Society. Last weekend they had a conference entitled “Is there a Future for Confessional Anglicanism?”

The three main talks from that conference are all available to listen to online. Glenn Davies, the Archbishop of Sydney, is very interesting on the current state of play in the church there, and on the place of evangelicals in the national scene.

Ashley Null, who also recently spoke at the Church Society conference, spoke on Cranmer and his understanding of mission. This is fascinating - historical and yet still relevant.

Finally, Mark Thompson, who is the Principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, spoke on the future of "confessional" Anglicanism, the kind of Anglicanism that believes in the 39 Articles by conviction.

Much to ponder and chew on over the next few days... All the talks are available here.