Author(s)Church Society
Date 10 November 2023
Category Ministry
Under Christ's Orders examines the different ministries and characteristics of the four 'orders' of Christ's household, the church.
Ros Clarke shows how the laity are both ordinary and precious, and also considers the place of lay leadership in the church.
Revd Rachel Browning looks at the role of deacons in the Bible, through church history, and in the contemporary church and sets out a pattern for the ministry of those called to the distinctive diaconate.
Revd Dr Lee Gatiss takes on the presbyterate, again with biblical and historical context, and with consideration of the roles, responsibilities and rewards for faithful service given to the shepherds of Christ's flock.

Finally, the Rt Revd Rob Munro, now the Bishop of Ebbsfleet, outlines the role of a bishop, the presbyter to the presbyters.

This book is an excellent guide for anyone who has wondered what these different roles are for and how they fit together in the service of God's people.