Author(s)Lee Gatiss
Date 13 April 2015

At the Church Society conference this year, we will be exploring ways in which the church has changed, is changing, and could change. Our aim is to shape the Church of England for the future, and bring about good transformation.

To that end, Lee Gatiss will be looking at "How to Transform a Church", with lessons from both past and present to help us consider our way forward.

Andrea Ruddick and Dick Farr will bring us a range of stories from "on the ground" to explore what is happening in ordinary Church of England parishes and dioceses.

And Richard Turnbull will speak about the ministry of the Countess of Huntingdon - "A transformed heart and a transformed church" with plenty to apply to our situation today.

The Society's AGM will also be held in the afternoon, with election of officers and Council, and reports on the last year from the Director and finance team.

A flyer and booking form for the conference can be downloaded here.

Book in soon! We look forward to seeing you, at St Thomas's, Oakwood on Saturday June 6th.