Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 24 April 2020

At Church Society, we publish a wide range of resources for clergy and lay people, including books, a magazine and a journal, and online resources including a podcast and videos as well as blogposts and even some children’s resources. A number of our books are focussed on ordained ministry, so I wanted to draw your attention to some of our output that will be particularly useful for lay people living for Christ as part of the Church of England.

1. Confident and Equipped

This concise book focuses on some of the key challenges facing those who seek to be faithful to the biblical gospel within the Church of England, with chapters on sexuality (Sam Allberry) and complementarianism (Ben Cooper). It also addresses the deeper long-term need to lead the way on evangelism within the structures of the denomination, the reasons for staying in the Church of England. It will help you to be both confident in the gospel, and equipped to face the challenges of remaining faithful in an increasingly hostile environment.
Paperback | eBook

2. Foundations of Faith

Anglican pastors and theologians from around the world reflect on the foundational teachings of global Anglicanism. Putting the Thirty-nine Articles in their biblical and historical context, they navigate some of the difficult terrain with clear and compelling application for today. There is a commentary on each of the 39 Articles, together with relevant scriptures, questions for reflection and a prayer. The book is thus a devotional guide as well as a doctrinal one. This is essential reading for every Anglican.
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3. Reformed Foundations, Reforming Future

This is an excellent introduction to the history, theology, and future of Anglicanism. Lee Gatiss demonstrates the catholic, Protestant, and Reformed nature of the church's doctrine, and considers how it might apply today in questions of evangelical identity and arguments over women bishops. Peter Adam goes on to unpack how Christ, as the sufficient and effective Saviour of his church, encourages us to engage faithfully in the ongoing ministry of reformation today.

4. Fight Valiantly! Contending for the faith in the Bible and in the Church of England

At a time when the faith we profess is constantly under attack, from outside the church and within it, we need to know how to contend for it. In Fight Valiantly, Lee Gatiss examines what the Bible says about how, when, in what manner and to what end we must contend for our faith. There is specific application of this to the contemporary context of the Church of England. The book also includes many stories of contending from a wide variety of people, including lay people, and a series of eight interactive Bible studies which could be used by individuals or in small groups.
Paperback | Study pack | eBook

5. Building for the Gospel

Our gospel is eternal, our buildings just a means to an end. So why do we need to own buildings? Should we spend money on bricks and mortar, when the church is about people? This book aims to help churches already launching into building projects, encourage those who are holding back, and give ideas to churches not yet thinking about possibilities. It is ideal for churchwardens, PCC members and others who are involved in helping a church consider, plan and put into practice a building project. A revised edition of this book was published in 2020.