Author(s)Church Society
Date 3 April 2023

This issue of The Global Anglican is published just a couple of weeks before the next GAFCON meeting of Anglican Primates and others in Kigali, Rwanda. Lee Gatiss, Chair of The Global Anglican editorial board is attending GAFCON, and we are planning to distribute copies of the journal to many of the delegates who will be there.  The aim of the journal is to serve the worldwide Anglican church, and this issue is particularly focussed on that goal.

Peter Jenson provides a typically provocative editorial, "The Challenge of, and the Challenge to, Gafcon" in which he considers the history of GAFCON and its role in the Anglican Communion today, especially in light of the proposed Prayers of Love and Faith in the Church of England.

Foley Beach, the current chair of GAFCON, writes about the 'Neopagan Anglicanism' movement of revisionists seeking to undermine the historic Anglican orthodoxy to which GAFCON holds. Henry Scriven takes us from Lambeth 22 to GAFCON 23 and consideres the future of global Anglicanism in light of these recent events.

Stephen Fagbemi offers important insights into African Anglicanism that are especially valuable for those tasked with expounding the Bible - in written or spoken word - to Africans; and Willis Salier asks "What matters in Global Theological Education?"

Rachel Gilson's article takes us back to one of the pressing moral questions for the church today, concerning transgender identity in her examination of 1 Corinthians 5.

Amongst a wide range of book reviews, some have particular global interest including Ancestral Feeling: Postcolonial Thoughts on Western
Christian Heritage by Renie Chow Choy.


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