Author(s)Church Society
Date 28 June 2023
Category Crossway

What does it mean for church to be inclusive? How can we be as welcoming as Jesus and make sure people feel free to walk into our churches and hear his message?

In this issue of Crossway we take a look at various groups which might tend to feel marginalised in our churches, and what it might mean to make church a genuinely welcoming place for them, where Christ is preached and holiness is practiced. Christine Winmill, who with her husband runs a group for adults with learning disabilities, writes about how church can be made more accessible. Ros Clarke reflects on her time at synod and whether ‘Inclusive Church’ truly offers a welcome into the gospel, while Anne Witton from Living Out looks at including LGBT people.

Chris Moore writes about how church can be a place where men thrive without toxic masculinity, and Kirsten Birkett reflects on how the overwhelmingly middle-class nature of evangelical churches can fail to reach working class audiences.

We hope that this issue will both challenge and help you to be truly inclusive as only Jesus’ gospel is.

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