Author(s)Lee Gatiss
Date 23 November 2021

The trustees are pleased to announce that this year’s St Antholin Lecture will be delivered by Dr Kirsten Birkett at 5pm on Wednesday 8th December 2021, on the subject: “Puritan spiritual diaries and godly discipline.”

The lecture will be delivered online via the Church Society Facebook page, where questions will also be taken, and will also be available on our YouTube channel afterwards. Please join us to explore this stimulating and fascinating topic, with practical applications to our own walk with God today.

Dr Kirsten Birkett is the Theological Consultant to Church Society and author of many books including The Essence of the ReformationUnnatural Enemies: An Introduction to Science and Religion, and Resilience: A Spiritual Project.

The St Antholin Lectures began in the 16th century as daily, early morning lectures in the City of London, and in their revived annual form have been exploring “Puritan divinity” and related subjects since 1991.