Author(s)George Crowder
Date 22 January 2024
Category Ministry
Tags Ministry
Reforming Church - How God is at work in revitalisation ministry

Reforming Church isn’t a success story. I didn’t oversee the transformation of a failing parish into a megachurch. Neither is it a manual for success. It doesn't set out a winning strategy or give a list of ministry hacks. This book will not tell you how to revitalise a church, but it will show you how God is at work in church revitalisation. He is at work calling more and more people to this often challenging and generally slow work. He is at work in the process of bringing new life to dying churches so that they become vehicles for his mission. He is at work growing disciples together to become disciple-growing churches.

Church revitalisation happens through the spiritual awakening of people, which is a work of God’s grace. It thus needs a strong theological foundation, which, in a church in need of revitalising is either absent or defective. My aim in this book is to expound the challenges and opportunities of this ministry, reconnecting with Reformed foundations and aiming at being a disciple-growing church.

If you are involved in church revitalisation ministry, whether as a minister or a supportive church member, I hope that this book will encourage you to trust God is at work in you. If you don't know anything about revitalisation ministry, I hope this book will enlighten you and inspire your prayerful support.

Reforming Church is a product of NoRM, the Network of Revitalisation Ministries, which exists to support and encourage church revitalisation in the Church of England.


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