Date 14 June 2021

The Living in Love and Faith process is getting going in most dioceses by now. It is vital that church members, and especially PCC members and Deanery Synod reps, understand the issues that are involved, what the Bible teaches about them, and why this is so significant. As the discussions progress in General Synod over the next year or two, there will inevitably be substantial media attention and ordinary Christians are likely to come under pressure at work and at home. We need to be equipping them to stand firm in the truth.

Three new sets of resources engaging with the issues in LLF, now available from Church Society, are designed to help with this.

Introducing LLF to your PCC
This is a one-off presentation that is designed to give PCC members a clear understanding of what Living in Love and Faith is, why it matters, and what they can do about it. There is a detailed handout and a Powerpoint presentation to download and adapt.

Understanding Marriage and Sexuality
These two videos from Dr Kirsten Birkett give a clear explanation of the biblical teaching on marriage, and an introduction to same-sex attraction and morality. Each is around 20 minutes long and comes with a printable handout.

A Better Story
This five part course was developed to use in churches, to introduce people to the issues in Living in Love and Faith. It uses video clips, Bible study, discussion questions and leader input. There is a downloadable overview, as well as leaders notes and a course booklet.

All the downloads are available here. Find more information about these and all our LLF resources here.

We hope that you will find these resources useful in equipping your church through these difficult times.