Author(s)Church Society
Date 27 October 2022

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Vol 136/1

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

Love And Sex: Applying The Song of Songs in a Contemporary Cultural Context. By Emmanuel Mukeshimana

Beyond Male and Female? How Redemption's Relationship to Creation Shapes Sexual Ethics. By Sam Ashton

Evaluating the Place of the Main Images of the Atonement in Common Worship's Order Two and its Significance for the Mission of the Church. By Alexander Evans

John Owen on the Dangers of Biblicism. By Rich Duncan

Book Reviews

Vol 136/2

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

Note from the Director. By Lee Gatiss

LLF, the Lambeth Conference and the Church of England. By Keith Sinclair

The Bishop of Your Souls: The Priestly Nature of the Church and its Leaders in 1 Peter. By Benjamin Sargent

Obedience and Submission in 1 Peter. By Lionel Windsor

Holiness in 1 Peter. By Christopher K W Moore

The Jewish Audience of 1 Peter. By Matthew Jensen

Book Reviews

Vol 136/3

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

Mapping the Territory: what is the ‘Theological Interpretation of Scripture’? By Timothy Ward

Reading Theologically. By Christopher Stead

Scripture Interprets Scripture: Reading Scripture Canonically. By Chris Ansberry

‘Hold to a Sure Path’: John Calvin on Theology and Reading Scripture. By Alden McCray

Book Reviews

Vol 136/4

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

‘Spiritual Abuse’: A Christocentric Response to an Ethical Crisis. By Alan Wenham

Is nudity in art or entertainment a question of Christian liberty? By Jason Ward

The Unrighteous Manager: Luke 16:1–15 ‘Flee Self-Righteousness’. By Vernon Wilkins

Proverbs and The Pursuit of Wisdom. By Christopher Beckham

Book Reviews