Author(s)Church Society
Date 26 September 2023
Category News

We are delighted to present this beautifully produced small hardback book with reflections on a collection of sixty of the Church of England collects. The diverse collection of authors include lay and ordained men and women from around the global Anglican communion. Some of the reflections are more theological, some more historical, some more practical in focus, but all of them help us to understand and use these great prayers in our own devotional lives.

“The Prayer Book collects are an underappreciated treasure store of devotion. They focus our thoughts on the essentials of the Christian life and guide us through the changing seasons of the year. This collection of meditations on them displays their riches and will help us to apply them in our prayer lives as we seek to draw closer to God and to dedicate our lives more fully to him.”
Gerald Bray, Research Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School.

“This book confirms why being an Anglican is one of the best ways of being Christian. It invites and coaches the reader to experience a spirituality that is truly global, historically rooted, drawn from and drenched in the Bible, personally heartfelt and wonderfully communal. It’s straightforward enough to turn the commentaries on each Collect into extended prayers that lead to saying the Collects themselves with fresh insight, passion, and conviction.”
Tim Davies, Assistant Bishop of the Anglican Mission in England.

GATHERING OUR PRAYERS TOGETHER is available to purchase now.



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