Author(s)Lee Gatiss
Date 14 April 2015

The Church of England has thousands of ministers and hundreds of thousands of members. Its parishes cover the entire nation and in some areas it is the only remaining visible Christian presence. This conference aims to help us be more effective as Anglican Evangelicals, making the most of every opportunity to reach the lost and feed God's flock.

In this year’s JAEC, we will be particularly considering the Anglican ministry of word and sacrament. That is, what is ordained ministry about? What should preaching and the Lord’s Supper look like in a specifically Anglican setting? And what is the place of the Anglican Communion today?

We will be joined by three bishops, several vicars, and lecturers from theological colleges to help us with these questions, and a host of others in workshops. So if you’re not yet a ‘senior minister' already, please do join us for JAEC this year!

JAEC is exceptionally good value for money for a residential conference. Plus, non-ordained members of Church Society get a substantial discount on the cost. And if you are 30 or under and considering ordination, we have a limited number of FULL BURSARIES available. Email us for more details.

The conference flyer and booking form is available for download here.

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