Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 27 May 2021

This list is not intended to be comprehensive - it is a collection of accessible introductory resources, particularly aimed at those thinking this subject through for the first time, and for incumbents thinking through how to put complementarian ministry principles into practice in a local church setting.

Church Society Resources

Complementarian Ministry in the Local Church, Andrea Ruddick

Overflowing with Ministry Opportunities, Jane Tooher

Reforming Women's Ministry, Ros Clarke

Lee Gatiss, ‘Principles of Flourishing?’, 'What does Flourishing Mean?', 'Flourishing after the consecration of women bishops', 'Withering on the Vine'

Guides to Flourishing

Podcast: Youth Work | Mutual Flourishing

Podcast: Co-Workers

From the Reform archives:

Male and Female, Mark Burkill

Passing a Resolution under the House of Bishops' declaration, Rod Thomas


Other resources

The listed writers hold a range of views along a complementarian spectrum, and the listed works do not represent a single Church Society ‘line’. It is assumed that church leaders will exercise their own judgment in deciding which resources to recommend in their particular context.  Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement.


God’s Design for Women: Biblical Womanhood for Today, 2007, Sharon James.

Different by design: God’s blueprint for men and women Christian Focus, 2012, Carrie Sandom

God’s Good Design: What the Bible really says about men and women Matthias Media, 2012, Claire Smith

Positive Complementarianism: the Key Biblical Texts (Latimer Trust, 2014, Ben Cooper

Women, Creation and the Fall (1990, Mary Kassian

The Gender Agenda: Discovering God’s Plan for Church Leadership (IVP, 2010, Lis Goddard and Clare Hendry

Two Views on Women in Ministry Zondervan 2001; revised edition, 2005, Beck and Blomberg

The Church, Women Bishops and Provision: the integrity of orthodox objections to the proposed legislation allowing women bishops, ed. P. Giddings et al. (Latimer Trust, 2011)

Word-filled women’s ministry: loving and serving the church (Crossway, 2015, G. Furman and K. B. Nielson (eds.),

Women of the Word, Jen Wilkin



Equal But Different.

The Gospel Coalition website has a number of useful blog posts and links to articles and related blogs; search under ‘Complementarianism’.



The Co-Workers network offers support and fellowship for complementarian women in Anglican ministry

Biblical Womanhood: ten studies for individuals or groups (new revised edition, Good Book Guides), Sarah Collins

God’s Design for Women DVD course (Clear Cut Media), Sharon James

The Essence of Feminism (Matthias Media), Kirsten Birkett