Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 20 June 2022

The two talks from the Church Society session on Complementarianism in Practice are now available to watch. You can find them along with all our other complementarian resources here, and you can find all our video content on our YouTube channel.

Ros Clarke's session from the 2022 Regional Meetings challenges complementarians to be positive in teaching the church and putting it into practice. She argues that true complementarianism encourages women in ministry, enables them to use their gifts for the benefit of the church, and must not be used as an excuse for sexism.

Kirsty Birkett's session from the 2022 series of Regional Meetings exposes the reality of ministry on the ground for women in complementarian churches. While there is much that is good, there is still much that needs improvement. Kirsty ends with a series of diagnostic questions for ministers and churches to see where things need to change.