Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 4 October 2021

CO-WORKERS is a new network of complementarian women in Anglican ministry in the UK, launching in October 2021 under the auspices of the Bishop of Maidstone. The network will offer online groups, opportunities for mentoring, chance to share experiences and information about training and employment opportunities for women. There will also be the opportunity to join occasional discussions and online seminars on relevant subjects.

As complementarians, we believe that men and women are intended by God to serve alongside one another in ministry, complementing each other with their different gifts and opportunities. Together, men and women form the full complement of God’s people. Without the ministry of gifted, trained and equipped women, the whole church is the poorer.

However, as the recent report produced by Dr Kirsten Birkett for the Bishop of Maidstone demonstrates, many women serving in complementarian churches struggle with lack of appropriate training and support. It is not always easy to find like-minded women in similar situations who can offer wisdom and experience. For women in the early stages of ministry it can be particularly hard to find suitable opportunities for training and employment.

Our goal is to help each woman find the information, resources and peer group support that will help her ministry flourish and the whole church to grow.

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CO-WORKERS will be led by Dr Ros Clarke, Associate Director of Church Society.