Date 15 April 2021

Are you a Bible-centred, orthodox minister of a Church of England parish... who's leading a church not used to a Bible-centred ministry...?

Today, many enthusiastic and gifted evangelicals are being appointed to parishes that have little or no experience of a Bible-centred ministry, or at least not for some while. Such parishes are often referred to as 'Revitalisation' or 'Turnaround' parishes. This is an exciting and in many ways immensely challenging option - just in case you haven't noticed!

But it can feel lonely and isolated. Meetings and conferences with your Evangelical peers can seem very remote to your current experience. Your questions, worries, issues and fears are often very different to theirs. Where can you go to find some long-term experience of the issues and opportunities, the highs and the lows? And godly wisdom as you grapple with them? Where can you meet, and build friendships with, others doing what you're doing in London, the South East and East Anglia?

Answer. The Church Society 'Turnaround' Minister's Webinar!


Tuesday 22nd June, 10am - 1pm on Zoom. Book now!

We'll hear from two ministers with years of experience in revitalising churches: Richard Coombes, and Greg Cushing, have chance to ask questions, and time to meet in smaller groups to get to know and pray for one another in our different circumstances. For more information, please contact Tony Cannon, Regional Director for Church Society in the South and East.

NB: ministers in the North and West of England may prefer to sign up for the webinar on 23rd June, and ministers in the South and East may prefer to sign up for this one, but please feel free to attend whichever session you can make!