Author(s)Ros Clarke
Date 9 January 2023
Category News
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At the beginning of this new year, I am looking forward to seeing how God will continue to use and grow Church Society in our work of contending to reform and renew the Church of England in biblical faith.

In January the first NoRM webinar of the year will look at the thorny questions of finances and administration in a revitalisation setting. This bimonthly series will continue throughout the year. If you are involved in revitalisation ministry, please do consider joining NoRM. CEEC has its annual residential in January, which Lee and I will be attending. In February we hold our first conference of the year, the Fellowship of Word and Spirit Conference: LEADERSHIP RESET. We're also hosting a pre-Synod lunch for Church Society members who are on General Synod (more details coming soon). The podcast returns in January for another season, including several episodes examining traditional and contemporary heresies in the church.

After the February meeting of General Synod, it should be much clearer what direction the Church of England is taking as a result of the Living in Love and Faith process. Church Society will be working with others to advise and support ministers and churches through what will inevitably be a difficult and uncertain time. Look for resources on the website, especially in the new Partner Church section, as well as in Crossway and other communications.  Please continue to pray with us, using the daily prayer diary, and at the monthly online prayer meetings. Join us during Lent for 40 Days of Prayer for the Church of England.

In March, The Global Anglican will be publishing a themed edition to be distributed to those attending the fourth GAFCON gathering in Kigali in April, at which Church Society will be represented by our director, Lee Gatiss. In May and June, we hope to plan regional conferences at various venues around the country, details of which will be forthcoming.

General Synod will meet again in July and it is likely that decisions will be taken then concerning same-sex marriage. Church Society will continue to stand for biblical orthodoxy and Church Society Partner Churches will be well-placed to make their position clear. The Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference will meet from 29th to 31st August, to think about the Church of England as the Church for England, and how we can work to help it better fulfil its role. This conference continues to attract evangelicals from across the breadth represented by CEEC, and is an important forum for establishing unity in evangelical Anglicanism.

Our publishing work will continue throughout the year with quarterly issues of Crossway and The Global Anglican, website content and the podcast. We also hope to publish a revised edition of Positively Anglican and a booklet based on our video series, You Are Not Your Own.

Church Society is investing in the future of the church through our grants and scholarships for those engaged in theological study, our work with JAEC, and through the Priscilla Programme for women. The Church Society Trust work tirelessly to help the parishes of which we are patrons through the process of appointments.

The team of Directors are all engaged regularly in the work of encouraging our members, speaking at churches and other events, and responding to individuals. The Network of Revitalisation Ministries and the Co-Workers network for women are two of the ways we are developing gospel fellowship across our members. Our conferences and prayer meetings are also vital in this part of our work. Our new Zoom Coffee Hours are an opportunity for any of our members to chat informally to our staff and build fellowship with each other.

We are all so grateful for the support of our members and others which enables this work to continue and to flourish. In recent years we have also benefit from a number of Supporter Churches who have undertaken to partner with us. We would love to see this scheme expand under its new name of Partner Churches. There is more information here about what it means to be a Partner Church and how your church could join us.