Author(s)Church Society
Date 27 May 2021

The Church Association was one of the forebears of Church Society, instituted in the 1860s to uphold the Protestant character of the Church of England.

The Objects of the Association:

“To Uphold the Doctrines, Principles, and Order of the United Church of England and Ireland, and to counteract the efforts now being made to pervert her teaching on essential points of the Christian faith, or assimilate her Services to those of the Church of Rome, and further to encourage concerted action for the advancement and progress of spiritual Religion.”


(Our records are incomplete so if anyone has the ones we don’t have we would be interested in borrowing them to scan. Please contact the office if you can help us).

These tracts are published here as a historical record, and should not be assumed to reflect the position of Church Society today.

Scans of volumes 1 - 5 can be viewed at the below links:

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5


1.  Must we Confess?  Ven. Archd. Taylor

2.  The Christian Priesthood?  Ven. Archd. Taylor

3.  Prayers for the Dead.  Ven. Archd. Taylor

4.  The Teaching of the Ritualists not the Teaching of the Church of England.  Rev John Charles Ryle

5.  Evening Communion. Rev. Canon R P Blakeney

6.  Gospel Freedom and Priestly Tyranny.

7.  The Dogmatic Teaching of Bible Truths.  Rev. Canon Garbett

8.  The Priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and of His Members. What is it? We have an Altar.


10.  Results of Appeals to the Courts in Ritual Cases.


12.  The Falsification of History, especially in reference to the Reformation.  Rev. Dr. Boultbee



15.  Episcopal Condemnations of Ritualism.

16.  Is there Popery in the Prayer Book, Historically considered?  Rev.T. P. Boultbee

17.  The Relation of Soundness in the Faith to Spirituality in the Life.  Ven. Archdn. Richardson

18.  Guilds. Rev G W Weldon

19.  The best means for the Advancement of Spiritual and Evangelical Religion in the Church of England.  Rev. Talbot A L Greaves

20.  Ritualism and Ritualism. Why some ought to be supported and some condemned.  Ven. Archd. Richardson

21.  Hymns Ancient and Modern, and their Romanizing Teaching.  Revd James Ormiston

22.  The “Gainsaying of Core?”  Rev Dr Waller

23.  Incense.  Rev Hely H Smith

24.  The Bishop of Bath and Wells on the Ritualists.

25.  The Real Presence.  Ven Archd Taylor

26.  The Counter-Reformation and How to Meet It.  Rev A Baring-Gould

27.  Voices of the Church of England on Auricular Confession.

28.  Confession and Forgiveness of Sins.  Rev Dr Bardsley

29.  What Mean ye by this Service?

30.  The Eastward Position. (No. 1).  Rev Canon J C Ryle.

31.  Peril of Idolatry and Superfluous Decking of Churches.

32.  Public Worship Regulation Act.

33.  Distinctive Vestments.  Rev Canon J C Ryle.

34.  Privy Council Judgment on Vestments.

35.  Eastward Position, Privy Council Judgement on.

36.  Wafer-Bread, Privy Council Judgement on.

37.  The Eastward Position.  Rev C Dallas Marston

38.  Vestments.  Leonard Rowe Valpy

39.  The Lord’s Supper. A D 1674.

40.  Exeter Reredos Case. Judgment of the Privy Council.

41.  Address to Churchwardens - P W R Act.

42.  The Errors of Ritualism have their source in the Unregenerate Human Heart.
Rev C J Goodhart

43.  The present Tactics of the Ritualists and how to meet them.  Ven Archd Taylor.


45.  The Sacrificial Vestments, - Reasons Against.  Rev Canon R P Blakeney

46.  The Eastward Position, - Reasons Against.  Rev Canon R P Blakeney


48.  The Past Action of the Church Association, and the Importance of maintaining it in increased efficiency in the future. Rev G W Weldon

49.  The Church of England is Protestant. Historical Testimony.  P Fleming

50.  The Nature of Christian Worship.  Rev Canon Bell

51.  The Importance of the Issues at Stake in the Legal Proceedings of the Church Association. Rev Dr Bardsley

52.  Special Missions and Services; their Advantages and Dangers.  Ven Archd Richardson

53.  Ritualism; Extent of the Outbreak and Need of More Earnest Action on the Part of the Laity.  J Bateman

54.  Branch Associations – How best can their action be brought into closer connection with that of the Council.  James Inskip

55.  Reasons for opposing Ritualism.  Rev Canon J C Ryle

56.  What do we owe to the Reformation?  Rev Canon J C Ryle

57.  Absolution and Confession. The Mind of the Church of England as shown in the Homilies.

58.  Address by the Council. Showing the duties of Bishops, Archdeacons, Churchwardens, and Parishioners. Also abstract of points decided in the Ecclesiastical Courts.

59.  Church Armour- A Short Catechism for Young Churchmen, Chiefly on the 39 Articles of Religion.  Ven Archd Taylor

60.  Risdale Judgment: The Testimony it affords to the Protestant character of the Church of England.  Rev G W Weldon


61.  What practical course of action should now be taken to give effect to the various Judgments on disputed points of ceremony in the church? Rev Canon J C Ryle

62.  Episcopal Responsibility. The advisability of the issue of Visitation Articles.  I P Fleming

63.  The Confessional, the best means of arousing and sustaining public opinion on the subject.  Ven Archd Taylor

64.  Theological instruction of candidates for the Ministry.  Rev Canon R P Blakeney


66.  The Gown in the Pulpit.  Rev William Fleming

67.  Ritualism: A Romeward Movement.

68.  The Distinctive Principles of the Church of England.  Rev J C Ryle

69.  The Administration of the Law – The Present Aspect of, relative to Ecclesiastical Offences.  James Inskip

70.  Evangelical Churchmen True Churchmen. Rev Dr Joseph Bardsley

71.  Church Architecture: its Proper Relation to Simple Christian Worship.  A R Pite

72.  The Ritualistic Conspiracy – The True History of.

73.  Dean Burgon’s Letter to Canon Gregory.

74.  The Rights of the Laity – Existing Tendencies to encroach on.  I P Fleming

75.  Secret Societies.  Rev Hely Hutchinson

76.  Evangelical Protestantism. The only sure means of resisting superstition and infidelity.  Rev Canon Clayton

77.  The Rights of the Laity imperilled by the spread of Sacredotalism and the Inaction of the Bishops.  Thomas Smelt

78.  Shall we go back to the Prayer Book of 1549?

79.  Should the Church Association be dissolved or strengthened by those who value the English Reformation?

80.  Speech of J M Holt, at Willis’s Rooms, 8th May 1883.


82.  The Reactionary and Retrograde Tendency of Ritualism Evidenced by the Proposed Recurrence to the First Prayer Book of Edward VI.  Rev Septimus Hobbs

83.  The Secrets of Ritualism. Rev C H Wainwright

84.  The Constitutional Settlement of Church and State.

85.  Ritualism Grows; What Next, and Next?  Rev J W Johnson

86.  1686 and 1886.  Rt Hon Lord Robert Montagu

87.  “Hearing Mass” versus “The Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.”  J T Tomlinson

88.  The North Side of the Table. An Historical Enquiry as to the Origin and Meaning of the Fourth Rubric in the Communion Service.  J T Tomlinson

89.  Additional Evidence respecting the Ornaments Rubric of 1662.  J T Tomlinson

90.  The Advertisements of Queen Elizabeth.  J T Tomlinson

91.  Alter Lights: Their History and Meaning.  J T Tomlinson

92.  The Mixed Chalice.  J T Tomlinson

93.  Additional Evidence respecting the Ornaments Rubric of 1662.  J T Tomlinson

94.  The Doctrine of a “Spiritual” Presence as taught by the Ritualists.  J T Tomlinson

95.  Teaching of the Catechism as to the Lord’s Supper.  J T Tomlinson

96.  The Bishops’ Veto.  J T Tomlinson

97.  Idols in the Church of God.  T J Gaster

98.  The Misprinted Catechism, or the definition of “this word Sacrament” as now substituted by “privileged” Printers for that of the Church of England.  J T Tomlinson

99.  Non-communicating Attendance at Holy Communion. The Opinion of Professors of Divinity at Oxford and Cambridge.

100.  “The Priest and the Privy Council.” Contains a reply to all the more usual misrepresentations of the Privy Council Judgments which are put forth from time to time by Ritualists.


101.  Are Crucifixes in Churches Lawful?

102.  Into their Hands. A plea for the old way of “Taking” the Bread at the Holy Communion.  J T Tomlinson

103.  Ecclesiastical Prosecutions originated and advocated by the English Church Union.

104.  Jurisdiction of English Metropolitans. Judgment of Archbishop of Canterbury in the Lincoln Case.

105.  St Paul’s Reredos Case. Judgement on Bishops’ Veto in Queen’s Bench.

106.  A Defence of the Church Association. A reply to two Attacks by Sydney Gedge (late M P Solicitor to the School Board), in the Churchman of May and Sept, 1889.

107.  Mr Jas Parker’s Attack upon the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  J T Tomlinson

108.  Sheppard v Bennett. Privy Council Judgment.

109.  The Dean of Peterborough’s Plan. Extracts from a Paper by Mr Chancellor Dibdin.

110.  Folkstone Ritual Judgment.

111.  The Threatened Revival of Canon Law in the Church of England.  J T Tomlinson

112.  Reservation of the Host. An examination of the Reply of the C.B.S. to the Resolutions of the Upper Houses of Convocation.  J T Tomlinson

113.  The Sarum Mass Compared with the Communion Office of the First Prayer Book of Edward VI.  J T Tomlinson

114.  Prosecutions for Ritual Observances. A Reply to the Dean of Canterbury.  Rev Bishop Alford

115.  Declaration of the Church Association.

116.  The Church of England Doctrine on the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

117.  Apostolic Succession.

118.  Lord Sandon on Sacredotalism

119.  What did our Reformers Teach [about the Lord’s Supper]?  Revd C. Bullock

120.  What Ritualism is! No. 1

121.  What Ritualism is! No. 2



124.  The Plan of the Campaign.


126.  Prayers for the Dead. Extract from Homily XIX. Third Part.

127.  Confession. The Bishop of Peterborough on.

128.  Confession. Utterances of the Episcopal Bench on.

129.  Gown v Surplice.

130.  Form of Prayer, for those interested in the Society’s work.


132.  Lord Harrowby (the late) on Auricular Confession.

133.  Collect to be used in the Present Crisis.

134.  Vestments – Condemnation of.


136.  The Eastward Position. No. 2.  Rev Canon J C Ryle

137.  Twelve Reasons Against The Distinctive Vestments.  Rev Canon J C Ryle

138.  Church Hymnals – The care in special need of Selection.

139.  A High Church Clergyman on the Ritualists.

140.  The Priesthood of Christ.  Rev Canon J C Ryle

141.  P. P. P. Popery’s Poetical Pioneer.

142.  Bishop Wilberforce on Confession.

143.  Justice not Persecution.

144.  The Dean of Chichester on Ritualism.

145.  Lament of England’s Church.  The late Very Revd Dean H. Law

146.  The Church Rights of Parishioners.  Rt Hon Lord Cockburn

147.  What do the Times require?  Rev Canon J C Ryle

148.  The Ornaments Rubric.

149.  The Illegality of Crosses. Judgement in Masters v Durst.

150.  Proposal by the Chairman of the English Church Union to bring back the Liturgy of 1549.  Rev Canon Hoare

151.  Holy Scripture versus the Eastward Position.

152.  Dean Oakley’s Correspondence with Prebendary Macdonald.

153.  Crucifixes abolished under Queen Elizabeth.

154.  King Edward VI and his Alter Lights.

155.  Luther’s Ritualism.

156.  Cross Bearers.  Miss Holt.

157.  The Candour of Lord Halifax.

158.  The Eastward Position.

159.  The Work of the Church Association.  Rev Canon A Christopher

160.  The Three Religions. Which is yours?  J B Waddington

161.  Questions for the Laity.  Rev J B Waddington

162.  The Teaching of Ritualism; and the Teaching of the Church of England.  Rev J B Waddington.

163.  The Great Controversy: Which is the Channel of Salvation? Faith? Or The Sacraments?  Rev J B Waddington


164.  The Placing of the Lord’s Table.  J T Tomlinson

165.  Additional Evidence respecting the Ornaments Rubric of 1662.  J T Tomlinson

166.  An Appeal to the Laity to Oppose Ritualism. Rev W C Magee

167.  What did the Reformation do for me?  Rev John Mylius, Rector of Elmdon, Warwicks

168.  The Church and the Bible.  Rev John Mylius

169.  The Lord’s Supper, or the Mass?  Rev W Lancelot Holland

170.  Church Teaching on the Lord’s Supper.  Rev Charles Wright

171.  The New (?) Purgatory.

172.  The Bishops and the Ritualists.  W Clayton Clayton

173.  The Position of Ecclesiastical affairs.  Rt Hon Lord Ebury

174.  The Inquiring Parishioner; or, Justification by Faith.  Rev B W Stannus

175.  Evening Communions.  Rev C H Marriott

176.  The Wonderful Iron Room.

177.  The Coronation of Queen Victoria.


179.  Bishop Ellicott on the Church Association.

180.  “The Liturgy and the Eastward Position.” Illustrated by fifteen of the oldest known representations of the Lord’s Supper.  J T Tomlinson

181.  Sisterhoods in the Church of England.

182.  Canon Law. Reply of the Council of the Church Association to the “Rejoinder” of the ECU.



185.  Comments on the Lincoln Judgment.

186.  Opinions of the Press on the Lincoln Judgment.

187.  Ritualism Rampant in the Diocese of St Albans.

188.  Church Reform.  J T Tomlinson

189.  Revival of Catholic Discipline.

190.  Temple Ritual and Christian Worship.

191.  Church Reform - The Position of the Laity.  J C Ryle

192.  “The Chancels shall remain as they have done in times past.”  J T Tomlinson

193.  Regeneration and Baptism.  J C Ryle


195.  “In the matter of moving the Lord’s Table.” Case and opinion of Counsel.

196.  “Religious Education and the Kilburn Sisterhood.”


198.  Bishop Geste and Dean Farrar on the 28th Article.

199.  What is “Sacerdotalism”?




202.  A Review of “The Catholic Religion. A Manual of Instruction for Churchmen.  Rev Vernon Staley

203.  “New Light” on the “Eastward Position.”

204.  Martyrdoms for Religion under Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary.

205.  Spiritual Equipment for Spiritual Work.  Rev T Smith

206.  Does Ritualism lead to Rome?

207.  Parsonolatry; or, Why rise when Clergy and Choir enter the Church?

208.  The Vain Vauntings of Dr Vaughan.


210.  The ECU: Its Popish Character, etc.

211.  Purgatory Pickpurse.

212.  Viscount Halifax on the Papacy.

213.  Incense.

214.  Prayers for the Dead.  Rev Dr Wright

215.  A Vital National Question.

216.  The Pope’s Letter. A Declaration of the Church Association.

217.  The Society for the Propogation of the Gospel and its connection with the C.B.S and the E.C.U.

218.  The Invention of the Cross, old Facts with new Faces.

219.  Fashionable Torture Instruments of the Ritualists; or, the Gospel Expiation.

220.  Why we are called Protestants.

221.  Prayers for the Dead.

222.  Questions and Answers for English Church People.

223.  Modern Ritualism, Ancient Judaism.

224.  Candles, Crosses, Altars, Pictures: What do the Homilies say?

225.  The Holy Communion the Highest Act of Christian Worship.  Rev B W Stannus

226.  The Bishop of London’s Fund.

227.  Plain Words about the Lord’s Supper.

228.  Church Reform. The Outlook for the Established Church of England.

229.  The Eucharist a Lay Sacrament.

230.  Prayers for the Dead.

231.  The Cowley Fathers, alias The Society of St John the Evangelist, Cowley.

232.  The use of the term “Priest” in the Prayer Book.

233.  Old St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bible.

234.  The Bible and the Church.  Ven Archdeacon Taylor

235.  The Archbishops’ Reply to the Pope’s Bull. What is to be done?

236.  Some Criticisms by the Council of the Church Association on the “Answer” to Pope Leo made by Archbishops Maclagan and Temple.

237.  A Word in season about Lent.  J. P. Watts

238.  Convocation on Confession.

239.  The Greek Church. Her Doctrines and Principles contrasted with those of the Church of England. Is Union desirable or possible? A lecture by Rev Joseph Bardsley

240.  Union with Oriental Churches.  Rev H E Fox

241.  The Modern Confessional.

242.  Modern “Mass” in the Church of England.

243.  The Reunion Question as it regards Protestant Churches.  Rev Talbot Greaves

244.  Society of the Holy Cross. With List of Members.

245.  Revelations of Anglican Monkery.

246.  Society of St John the Evangelist. The Cowley Fathers.

247.  Sacrilegious Ordinations by Members of the ECU.

248.  “CSJ” Companions of St John.

249.  Secret Societies in the Church of England.

250.  Manifesto and Appeal of the Church Association to the People of England.


251.  Mass or Communion? Samples of Law-breaking under the oversight of Dr Creighton, Bishop of London.

252.  The Right Hon. Sir W V Harcourt, MP, on the Action of the Bishops.

253.  The Confessional in the Church of England.

254.  Latimer’s Candle.

255.  Schools of Thought. Martin Tupper.

256.  Latimer’s Light.

257.  The Primary Charge of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Recent Pastoral of the Archbishop of York on “Disputes in the Church” examined.

258.  The “Six Points” of the Ritualists; What do they mean?

259.  Illegal Ritual in the Church of England. Being a list of unlawful practices, with extracts from the Judgments relating to them; and an Index.

260.  Reply by the Council of the CA to the Manifesto of the ECU.

261.  The Universities’ Mission to Central Africa.

262.  Ritualism Rampant in the Diocese of St Albans.

263.  The Ecclesiastical Procedure Bill proposed by the two Archbishops in Convocation.

264.  The Bishops’ Scheme for erecting themselves as Judges.

265.  The Danger of Manuals for the Young.

266.  “The Society of the Charity of God.”

267.  The Minister’s Scarf, or the “Sacrificer’s” Stole – which?

268.  The SPG and the Romanizing Movement.

269.  The Irish University Difficulty Explained.

270.  The True Story of the Ornaments Rubric.  J T Tomlinson

271.  “The Method of S Sulpice;” a Review of “The Clergy and the Catechism.”

272.  Canon MacColl’s Romancings about the Book of Common Prayer.

273.  What is Protestantism?  Rev T H Sparshott.

274.  The Church Reform League.  Ven Archdeacon Taylor

275.  The Lincoln Case. A judgement four times revised since its delivery.

276.  Disestablishment.

277.  Romanism in the Church of England. The absolute uselessness of Appealing to the Bishops.

278.  A Gross Scandal in the Diocese of York with the cognizance of the Archbishop.

279.  What is the Harm of bringing back the “Reservation of the Host”?

280.  “The Church Discipline Bill, 1900.”

281.  The Convocation Prayer against Popery in the Church of England.

282.  What the Ritualists say about the Protestant Parliamentary Campaign.

283.  The Worship of the Host, as promulgated by Viscount Halifax, and the Reply of the Church Association.

284.  “Under the Form of Bread and Wine.”

285.  Archdeacon Taylor on the Romanizing Movement.

286.  Convocations Bill and “Church Reform.”

287.  Why was the First Prayer Book of Edward VI rejected?

288.  Sir Richard Jebb’s Convocations Bill.

289.  The Church Association’s many-sided work.

290.  The Statutory Declaration and the Coronation Oath.

291.  Fasting Communion.

292.  “Cardinal” Vaughan and the Royal Declaration against Popery.

293.  Rome’s Clerical Recruits from the ranks of the English Church Union.

294.  The Bishop of Manchester’s Twentieth Century Million Shilling Fund.

295.  The Protestant Succession to the Throne. An attack upon the Last Legal Security.

296.  The Value of Roman Catholic Pledges.

297.  Plain Words on the Protestant Declaration made by the King of England.  Rev J P Watts.

298.  “Superstitious” and “Idolatrous.”

299.  A Gross Scandal in the Diocese of St Albans.

300.  The King’s Protestant Declaration.  J Horace Round.


301.  What a Ritualistic Pervert has to say of himself and the Ritualistic Party.

302.  Roman Catholic Disabilities.  B Whitehead

303.  Shall we change the King’s Declaration?

304.  “Proctor on the Prayer Book” as “Re-written” by Mr Frere. A review by J T Tomlinson.

305.  The King’s Declaration. Why should we alter it?  Rev Canon Meyrick

306.  Lord Salisbury’s Nomination to the Bishopric of Worcester.

307.  The Appointment of Canon Gore to the Bishopric of Worcester.

308.  A Republican Prelate on the Terms of the Royal Declaration.

309.  “The Body of Christ.” By Charles Gore. A review by J T Tomlinson.

310.  The Trial of the Bishops.

311.  The Past Labours of the Church Association.  W H Greaves-Bagshawe

312.  The Rev Canon Meyrick on Confession.

313.  Royal Supremacy. B Whitehead.

314.  Bishopric of Southwark Bill. An Indictment of Dr Talbot, Bishop of Rochester

315.  Image-Worship in Churches and in Public Elementary Schools.

316.  The Way to Rome for Children.

317.  How the Bishops of Worcester and Wakefield supply Romish Recruits for the Church of England. (The Community of the Resurrection).

318.  The Misprinted Catechism. Part II. J T Tomlinson

319.  The Lord Chancellor’s Patronage.

320.  Reservation.

321.  Apostolical Succession.  Rev Canon Hay Aitken

322.  The Growth of Monkery in the Church of England.

323.  Playing at Monks. A Day at Painsthorpe “Priory.”

324.  “Religious Education” in Church Schools.

325.  “Religious” Education in Church Schools. No. II





















346.  The Devotional Aspect of Confession.  Rev F Jansen

347.  Out of the World.

348.  The Teaching of the Epistle to the Hebrews, respecting the official Priesthood of the new Covenant.

349.  Loyalty to the Bishops is too often disloyalty to the Prayer Book

350.  A Review of the History of the Prayer Book. Rev Preb Reynolds

351.  “The First Six Centuries.”

352.  Romish Teaching in Church of England Manuals and Magazines.  Rev E Bowring





357.  The Legalisation of Mass Vestments.

358.  The Condition and Prospects of the Church of England.  Rev Lord Bishop of Hereford

359.  The Law-abiding Character of the Priest-party in the Church of England.  J T Tomlinson

360.  New Light on Elizabethan Ritual, elicited by the Royal Commission.

361.  The Bishops in the Witness Box. No. 1. Mass Vestments.  Walter Walsh

362.  The Bishops in the Witness Box. No. 2. Clerical Obedience.  Walter Walsh

363.  Episcopal Inaction and Irresolution responsible for the growth of Romanism in the Church of England. Sharp censure of Bishops by the Royal Commission.

364.  Romanizing Curates. Significant admissions by the Bishop of Rochester (now Southwark).

365.  Institution of Lawless Clergyman. Condemned by the Royal Commission. What Bishops might do to stop the scandal.

366.  Rome’s Attack on the Church of England. Weighty Words by the Bishop of Hereford before the Commission. Church Association warnings confirmed.

367.  Gross Idolatry in the Diocese of London. Worship of the Host, Vespers of the Blessed Sacrament.

368.  Rome in Church Pulpits. Part I. Festivals of “Corpus Christi,” “Nativity of Our Lady,” “The Purification of the Virgin Mary.”


370.  Grave Indictment of the Bishops of London and Stepney. Institution of a notorious Romanizer.

371.  Outrageous Service in the Church of England. Black Mass in an East End Cemetery.

372.  Empty Ritualistic Churches.


374.  Children’s Eucharists. Condemned by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

375.  What the Royal Commission Report shows.

376.  The Bishops in the Witness Box. The Clergy whom the Bishops praise.  Walter Walsh

377.  Ritualism: The Destroyer of Parochial Harmony. How Ritualism has driven Church people from their parish churches.

378.  The New Court of Appeal recommended by the Royal Commission of 1906.  Rev Dr Porter

379.  Rome’s Clerical Recruits from the ranks of the English Church Union. No. 11.


381.  Were Mass Vestments ever worn under the Reformation Settlement as embodied in the Act of Uniformity of 1559. J T Tomlinson

382.  “Expert” Fables offered as “Evidence” to the Royal Commission.  J T Tomlinson

383.  The Eastward Position. Does the fact of its not being Illegal justify its Adoption?

384.  A Review of the Rev W Frere’s “Principles of Religious Ceremonial.”  J T Tomlinson

385. A Review of MacColl’s “Royal Commission and the Ornaments Rubric.”  J T Tomlinson

386.  Monasticism. The Archbishop of Canterbury and “The Community of the Resurrection.” An open letter from Capt A W Cobham.


388.  Legal Decisions as to Alter Lights. J T Tomlinson

389.  Does the Additional Curates Society favour the Romanizing Movement?


391.  Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Visitations of 1549-1559 by which the Reformation Settlement was Enforced. J T Tomlinson

392.  The Mass Vestments.  W Prescott Upton

393.  The Mass Vestments and the Ornaments Rubric.  B Whitehead

394.  York Convocation’s Report on Vestments.

395.  Material Facts omitted from the Five Bishops’ Report on Vestments. A letter to the Bishop of Salisbury.


397.  The Mass Vestments.  The Very Rev W Lefroy

398.  The Canons of 1640.

399.  Pope Pacificus. Junius Junior.

400.  The Duty of Protestant Churchmen in View of Present Dangers.  Rev Canon R Bruce

401.  The Word of God: Its Divine Inspiration, Infallibility, and All-Sufficiency for Salvation.  J M Holt

402.  The Ornaments Rubric: Its History, Difficulty and Interpretation.  Rev E A Tindall


404.  The Accession Declaration.

405.  Alter the King’s Declaration? No.

406.  The Protestant Succession, to be or not to be?

407.  Rome’s Curses against Protestants. “The Anathema.”

408.  Rome and Toleration.

409.  The Church of Rome and Civil Power.

410.  The Scandalous Diocese of Chichester.


412.  “Them which are asleep” (1 Thess iv. 13).  J M Holt

413. History of the “Interpretations of the Injunctions.” A Review of Alcuin Club Tract No. VIII.  J T Tomlinson

414. The Trial at Rome of Queen Elizabeth for Heresy, AD 1570.  J T Tomlinson

415.  The Prayer Book in Danger. Threatened revision “Experts.”


417.  An Examination of the “Report of the Archbishops’ Committee on Church Finance.”

418.  Wholesale Secession to Rome of Lord Halifax’s Protégés, the Caldey Monks.

419.  The Mirfield Monks, or the “Community of the Ressurection.”

420.  The Chief Essentials of True Evangelical Churchmanship.  Rev Norman Baptie

421.  An Examination of the Plea for “Invocation of Saints.”  J Barron

422.  The Invocation of Saints.


424.  The Attitude of the Church of England towards the Ministry of Non-episcopal Churches.  J T Tomlinson


426.  The Proposal to break up the Order of Holy Communion.  Albert Mitchell

427.  Sacrament or Sacrifice, Communion or Mass?

428.  The Secret Conferences for Reunion with Rome. C A Manifesto

429.  The Anglican Position towards Rome and the Papacy.

430.  The Mystery of Godliness.


Church Association Lectures:

6.  Why Were Our Reformers Burned?  J C Ryle