Author(s)Church Society
Date 7 September 2023
Category News

This September we are offering Living in Mercy and Grace as our book of the month, for the bargain price of just £4 (reduced from £6).

The life to which Christ calls his followers is one of service, suffering, and hardships of all kinds. Those whom he calls into ministry can expect the struggles to be all the more intense, and yet it is through the flames that genuine faith is proved and godly character is formed.

We need patience, perseverance, humility and gentleness as we care for the flock. More than anything, we need God's mercy and grace ourselves, as we offer that mercy and grace to others. With contributions from Helen Thorne, Kirsten Birkett, James Newcome, Chris Moore, Martin Davy and Lee Gatiss, this book will challenge, help, encourage and reassure you as you live and minister in hard times.

For September only, we are also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders to the UK worth more than £15.

Please make separate orders for any digital products you want to purchase, so that the free shipping offer applies to your physical products.