Author(s)John Cheeseman
Date 24 May 2021
Category Preaching
Tags Preaching

John explains from Ephesians 2 v1-3 that the world is in such a terrible state because of sin. Man’s state is in sin, he is spiritually dead because he does not know God, he hates God and is always restless. Man is governed and controlled by the mindset of the world which is in turn under the dominion of Satan. How did this all come about? In Adam we all sinned and therefore we are all born sinful with our sinful nature in control of us. God sees us as children of wrath, God is angry with our sin and will punish us for it. We will not understand the love of God until we understand the wrath of God. This is essential from the standpoint of evangelism. People need to see that they are sinners under God’s wrath otherwise they won’t see their need to repent. Do we share the gospel with people and pray for people?

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