The First Book of Homilies (Hardback)


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The Homilies were originally published in 1547, to help reform and renew the Church of England in the biblical faith of the Reformation. They unfold the doctrines of scripture, sin, salvation, and Christian living with clarity and verve. This is what makes returning to the Homilies—now, for the first time, updated in modern English—such an invigorating and life-giving thing to do today.

“The dreadful ignorance as to the fundamentals of our holy religion, that almost everywhere abounds amongst the members of our established church, is chiefly owing to our neglect of preaching and putting into their hands the grand doctrines of the Reformation, contained in these Homilies.”  George Whitefield (1714-1770)

“The Homilies are a pattern of simplicity and godly sincerity. In their mode of stating divine truth, and enforcing it upon the conscience, they never have been excelled by any composition whatever.” Charles Simeon (1759-1836)

“Here we have up-to-date language and inspirational content. I commend this book to you as being challenging, educational, readable,
relevant, and necessary for all serious Anglicans throughout the world.” Bishop Henry Scriven General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of the Anglican Communion.

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Revd Dr Lee Gatiss (Editor) is the Director of Church Society, and a Lecturer in Church History at Union School of Theology. He is the author/editor of many books and articles about the Bible, doctrine, church history, and Anglicanism, including Foundations of Faith: Reflections on the Thirty-nine Articles.


Published by Lost Coin Books for Church Society



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