Reformed Foundations, Reforming Future (Paperback)


Reformed Foundations, Reforming Future – A Vision for 21st Century Anglicans



This concise book explores the history, theology, and future of Anglicanism. Lee Gatiss demonstrates the catholic, Protestant, and Reformed nature of the church’s doctrine, and considers how it might apply today in questions of evangelical identity and arguments over women bishops. Peter Adam goes on to unpack how Christ, as the sufficient and effective Saviour of his church, encourages us to engage faithfully in the ongoing ministry of reformation today.

1. Reformed Foundations (Lee Gatiss)
The true profession of the gospel

2. Reforming Future (Peter Adam)
Trusting our Saviour, Reforming the church

These are edited versions of papers first delivered at the Church Society conference in 2013, which marked the 450th anniversary of the 39 Articles.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of REFORMED FOUNDATIONS, REFORMING FUTURE, we are offering 50% off the print edition, making it just £2.50 during June 2023.

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