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This collection includes four of our most popular books dealing with ministry matters. This would be an ideal gift for someone beginning in ministry, and a great refresher for someone further down the line!

Feed My Sheep

Jesus is the Good Shepherd that God’s people need to lead and protect them. This short but meaty book explores the meaning of ordination and what it means to serve as under-shepherds of the flock. It looks at how to nourish congregations through preaching and the sacraments, and the wider context of the Anglican Communion. Essential reading for anyone considering or involved in Anglican ministry. Authors include: Lee Gatiss, Mike Smith, Julian Henderson, Tim Ward, Nigel Atkinson, Andrew Atherstone and Michael Nazir-Ali.


Reach, Build, Send

What is gospel ministry all about? How can we maintain it for the long term? In this book, a group of evangelists, bishops, pastors, and theologians unpack what the Bible says about a sustainable pattern of ministry, with particular application to Anglican churches today. United in their conviction that God’s Spirit works through his word, they look both theologically and practically at how to reach out with the gospel, build up the church, and send out gospel workers for the next generation—without losing momentum.


Confident and Equipped

This concise book focuses on some of the key challenges facing those who seek to be faithful to the biblical gospel within the Church of England. It covers the significant pressure points of gender and same-sex attraction. But it also addresses the deeper long-term need to lead the way on evangelism within the structures of the denomination. These stimulating chapters will help you to be both confident in the gospel, and equipped to face the challenges of remaining faithful in an increasingly hostile environment.


The Effective Anglican

Anglican Evangelicals need a strategy to make the most of the gospel opportunities afforded by being in the Church of England. They must be in it to win it, and equipped to handle both openings and obstacles for the gospel in the most effective way possible. At the same time, they must appreciate the call to holiness in an environment more and more hostile to biblical faith. This book focuses on those needs, combining biblical and theological rigour with practical, parochial application with contributions from Keith Sinclair, Lee Gatiss, Andrew Atherstone, Simon Vibert, and Andrew Cinnamond.

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