Living in Mercy and Grace (Paperback)


In this book, a group of evangelists, bishops, pastors and theologians unpack what the Bible says about life and ministry in hard times, with particular application to Anglican churches today.



The life to which Christ calls his followers is one of service, suffering, and hardships of all kinds. Those whom he calls into ministry can expect the struggles to be all the more intense. And yet it is through the flames that genuine faith is proved and godly character is formed.

This book, which originated in talks at the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC), will help you understand and cultivate the characteristics you need to face difficult situations with the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus.

The Mercy and Grace of God. By Lee Gatiss
Patience with People. By Christopher K W Moore
Humility in Difference. By Martin Davy
Perseverance through Discouragement. By Kirsten Birkett
Gentleness with the Weak. By Helen Thorne
Care for the Flock. By James Newcome

Lee Gatiss (Ed)

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Paperback, 81 pages


Publication date
August 2022


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