Focus on the Formularies




The formularies of the Church of England are all too often overlooked, even by its ministers. This collection of books includes a commentary on the Thirty-Nine Articles, a modern edition of the First Book of Homilies, and a copy of the Book of Common Prayer, all in high quality hardback editions.

Foundations of Faith

A stellar cast of Anglican pastors and theologians from around the world reflect on the foundational teachings of global Anglicanism. Putting the Thirty-nine Articles in their biblical and historical context, they navigate some of the difficult terrain with clear and compelling application for today. This book is an excellent guide for the newcomer, and a refreshing commentary for the seasoned interpreter.

The First Book of Homilies

The Homilies were originally published in 1547, to help reform and renew the Church of England in the biblical faith of the Reformation. They unfold the doctrines of scripture, sin, salvation, and Christian living with clarity and verve. This is what makes returning to the Homilies—now, for the first time, updated in modern English—such an invigorating and life-giving thing to do today.

Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer is not simply a collection of liturgies: it is a guide to living out our discipleship. The Prayer Book is not the preserve of one particular section of the Church. The spiritual heritage of the Book of Common Prayer belongs to all of us.

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