Fight Valiantly! (Paperback)




What does it mean to “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints”? With so much confusion and argument in today’s church, how are Christians meant to think about and react to false teaching? How can we promote the gospel lovingly in a context of opposition? In this biblical and practical book, aimed especially at ministers and church councils, Lee Gatiss provides a unique look at the Bible’s reaching on this neglected subject, as well as helping us consider some of the applications of this doctrine to the Church of England today. Includes many real-life stories of people contending for the faith, and a Bible Study Guide.

“There are some who do not like the language of ‘contending’ because they perceive it to promote disunity or to go ‘against the grain’ of the gospel message of love. However, this book reminds us how important it is to be fervent in our treasuring of the gospel message we have inherited – and that to abdicate this calling of scripture is to diminish the gospel itself. In this book, Lee Gatiss examines the scriptural texts around ‘contend’ in a way that is lively, scholarly and informative, quarries from church history fresh wisdom for today, and ‘earths’ the challenges in practical and contextual examples. I believe this book can help us develop a biblical ‘edge’ to our leadership in these challenging times and I commend it for study to all church leaders – both lay and ordained.” John Dunnett, General Director of CPAS and Chairman of the Evangelical Group on General Synod

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