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 The Principles of Theology - Article 5

by W.H.Griffith Thomas


Of the Holy Ghost.
The Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son, is of one substance, majesty, and glory, with the Father and the Son, very and eternal God.
De Spiritu Sancto.
Spiritus Sanctus, a Patre et Filio procedens, ejusdem est cum Patre et Filio essentiæ, majestatis, et gloriæ, verus ac æternus Deus.

Important Equivalents
Of one substance = ejusdem essentiæ
Very = verus

There was nothing corresponding to this Article in the Forty-two Articles of 1553, and there was none in the Confession of Augsburg. It was derived entirely from the Confession of Wurtemberg, presented to the Council of Trent, 1552, and was introduced here in 1563. The purpose was doubtless to give greater completeness of presentation of doctrine, but there seems to have been a necessity for the statement of the truth against certain denials of the time. The Section, De Hæresibus, of the Reformatio Legum, contains frequent reference to, and denunciation of the various forms of, misbelief which existed at the time,[2] and Article 1 of the Concordat of 1538 condemned those who represented the Holy Spirit as impersonal.

The only virtual change was “substance” for “essence” in the English of 1571, the Latin remaining unchanged.

>> Part 1. The Teaching Of The Article


[1]The various aspects of this subject are more fully treated in the author’s The Holy Spirit of God, of which the treatment here is an abbreviation. Reference may also be made to the bibliography in that work, special attention being called to the books by Dr. Swete, Bishop Moule, Professor Denio, Dr. Smeaton, and Dr. Davison.

[2] “Quomodo vero hæc putida membra sunt ab Ecclesiæ corpore segreganda, quæ de Christo capite tam perverse sentiunt, sic illorum etiam est execrabilis impudentia, qui cum Macedonio contra Spiritum Sanctum conspiraverunt, illum pro Deo non agnoscentes” (Reformatio Legum, De Hæresibus, c. 6).




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