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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 21 - 1904

Issue 1 – January 1904

P.1-2 – “What a Bishop Can Do”, editorial. ‘We sometimes hear the excuse offered for the inaction of the bishops, that a bishop has no power to interfere with the lawbreaking clergy, and that no remedy can be found for the lack of discipline until we entrust to the bishops a personal ‘discretionary’ control which would be really destructive of all independence and freedom of the clergy.’

P.4-5 – “Disestablishment No Cure for Ritualism”

P.5-7 – “Religious Education in Church Schools”

P.7-15 – Branch notes including a lengthy report on proceedings in the Tottenham Branch.

P.15 – A Prize Competition is announced for young people on ‘The Best Book Of All”.

Issue 2 - February 1904

P.17-18 – “Protestantism Before Politics”, editorial – followed by press reports on P.21-22.

P.20-21 – “The Society of the Catechism”, further comment on the article in December 1903 issue.

P.23-24 – “What Do We Mean by the Word ‘Catholic’?”

P.24-28 – “Our Protestant Vans”, reports.

Issue 3 – March 1904

P.33-34 – “The Failure of the Bishops”, editorial.

P.37-38 – “On Training Church Children to ‘Hear Mass’”. ‘We are sometimes told that “Mass” and “Holy Communion” are merely two names for the same thing. That, however, is absolutely untrue.’

P.38-40 – “Rate-Aided Romanising in the ‘Church of England’ elementary Schools of London”

P.40-41 – “National Boycott of Protestants in Ireland”

Issue 4 – April 1904

P.49-50 – “Public Opinion on the Royal Commission”, editorial.

P.51 – ‘Mr Balfour’s proposal to appoint a Royal Commission on ritualistic Irregularities in the Church has had careful consideration at a special meeting of the Council when a memorial to Mr Balfour was adopted.’ The memorial is printed.

P.51 - Notice is given of  ‘The charge of “brawling” brought against Mr Kensit for making a lawful protest in St Paul’s Cathedral resulted in a fine of £5 or one day’s imprisonment’.

P.52-53 – “Mr Kensit’s Appeal”.  ‘The appeal of Mr Kensit against a sentence of fine or imprisonment raises the whole question of whether the laity have any rights at all in the Church of England. . . . The lawlessness of the Bishops is the greatest evil in the Church, and when it is sought to punish by fine or imprisonment anyone who dares bring to notice in public a very grave scandal, it becomes the duty of all law-abiding citizens and of all honest Churchmen to resist an attempt to stamp out the last vestige of church rights left to the “Church”, as against its disloyal clergy.’

P.54-55 – “The Rev C H H Wright DD and the Protestant Reformation Society”. A commendation of the work undertaken by the PRS.

P.55-56 – “Ritualism ‘From a Hindu Point of View’”. ‘In that charming book, “things as They Are” by Miss Annie Carmichael, of the Zenana Mission, is a chapter devoted to the effect in the Mission Field of the introduction of Ritualism into certain of the Churches in India.’

P.56-58 – “Idolatry in the Mass” and “The Delivery of the Elements”

Issue 5 – May 1904

P.65-66 – “The Royal Commission on Ritualism”, editorial.

P.67-68 – “Backstairs Revision of the Prayer Book”

P.68-72 – “The Spring Conference”. Proceedings of the conference held in Burton-on-Trent.

P.72-74 – “Our Protestant Vans”, reports.

P.76-77 – A favourable review of  ‘A Protestant Dictionary, Doctrines and Practices of the Christian Church’, authors the Rev Dr Wright and Rev Chas Neil. ‘ . . . it certainly holds the field and is without a rival.’

Issue 6 – June 1904

P.81-82 – “The Church discipline Bill”, editorial.

P.85-89 – “The 39th Anniversary”. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting held in the Exeter Hall.

P.89-90 – “Our Protestant Vans”, continuation of the report from P.74.

Issue 7 – July 1904

P.97-98 – “The Growth of the Priestly Spirit”, editorial.

P.100-102 – “The Attack on the King’s Declaration”

P.102-103 – “How Ritualists ‘Become All Things to All Men’”

P.103-104 – “Rome and Reunion”. ‘. . . was formed a new society, called  the “Society of S Thomas of Canterbury” – that Thomas who, in the service-books of Henry VIII’s time, was described as “Becket the traitor”.’

Issue 8 – August 1904

P.113-114 – “The Royal Commission and the Limits of Episcopal Authority”, editorial.

P.116-119 – “The Debate on the Royal Declaration”

P.119-122 – “Our Protestant Vans”, reports.

Issue 9 – September 1904

P.129-131 – “’Children’s Eucharists’ or ‘Religious Education’”, editorial.

P.134-137 – “Home Rule in Ireland” and “The Disestablished Church of Ireland in its Relation to the Ritual Controversy in the Church of England”

P.138-139 – “Was Queen Elizabeth the Author of the ‘Fraud-Rubric’, Commonly Called ‘The Ornaments Rubric’ of 1559?”. ‘It is now generally recognised that the “Ornaments Rubric”, as printed in the prayer books of 1559 and onwards, down to the last revision,  was illegitimate and had no “authority of parliament”.’

P.140-142 – “Our Protestant Vans”, reports.

Issue 10 – October 1904

P.145-146 – “Does the Direction to ‘Hear Sermons’ Require Children to ‘Hear Mass’?”, editorial.

P.148-149 – “Religious Education in Church Schools”

P.149-153 – “The Visitations of 1549-1559”. ‘At the Reformation, the adoption of the Prayer Book involved the abandonment and rejection of the unreformed ritual and offices; and at each of the three successive changes of the new service-book it was deemed necessary to hold a Royal Visitation of the whole country, so as to ensure the fulfilment of the new requirements in regard to public worship.

P.153-156 – “Recent Apologies for the Bishop’s Veto”. ‘. . . in our Tract 96, on “The Bishop’s Veto”, were given 33 instances in which bishops had prevented any access to the courts of justice in the case of some clerical law-breaker.’

Issue 11 - November 1904

P.161-162 – “The Ritualistic Plague in South Africa”, editorial.

P.163 – “Home Rule”. ‘The Council of the Church Association, at its meeting on October 20th, adopted the following resolution:- Resolved “That the renewed activity and undiminished pretensions of the so-called ‘Nationalist’ party, together with the recent creation of a ‘Catholic Association’ in Ireland for the extermination of Protestantism, and the public avowal by certain English party leaders that they adhere to the proposal to give to Ireland a separate Parliament, taken in connection with the increased effort now being made to secure for the Roman Catholic clergy and members of religious orders the complete control of education in Ireland, constitute an immediate danger to the Constitution and to civil and religious liberty.”’

P.164-165 – “Feed My Lambs”. ‘. . . from all quarters of England and Wales come accounts of buildings and properties passing into the hands of the Roman Orders, who have but one object in view, and that is, through the education of the young, to bring back England to obedience to the Roman Church.’

P.166-169 – “The Royal Visitation of 1559”, continuation from P.153.

P.169-172 – “Our Protestant Vans”, reports.

Issue 12 – December 1904

P.177-179 – “The First Six Centuries”, editorial.

P.181-182 – “Church of South Africa – A Menace to the Church of England”

P184-187 – “The Autumn Conference’, proceedings of the meetings in Leamington.


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