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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 19 - 1902

Issue 1 – January 1902

P.1-2 – “Purgatory”, editorial. ‘When the two archbishops let loose upon the Church of England forms of prayer for the Dead, it was easy to predict that the full-blown doctrine of Purgatory would not long lag behind.’

P.2-3 – “A ‘Petition of Right’ to the King re the Appointment of Canon Gore to the Bishopric of Worcester”

P.6-7 – “Bp Moorhouse Sheltering Romish Nonconformity”. ‘How many bishops are there now on the bench who will risk any injury to their own prospects of promotion by censuring the Romeward movement fostered by the Marquis of Salisbury?’

P.7-8 – “Proposed Endowment of a Roman Catholic University for Ireland”

P.8-10 – “Our Unhappy Divisions”. ‘The recent debate held at Brighton by the English Church Union that the priest-party now demand not only the repeal of the Cowper-Temple clause, but the exclusion of all “religious” teaching from National schools except such as they choose to recognise as being that of the “Church of England”, but which they prefer to call “Catholicism”.’

Issue 2 – February 1902

P.17-18 – “Is the Confirmation of Canon Gore, as Bishop-Elect of Worcester, Valid?” editorial.

P.20-22 – “Mary Worship”. ‘The King’s declaration that “the Invocation or adoration of the Virgin Mary or any other saint . . . as now used in the Church of Rome” is “superstitious and idolatrous” provoked an outcry from both Papists and Romanists.’

P.22-24 – “Our Parish Magazines No. VII” – continued from Volume 18.

P.24-27 – “Our Protestant Vans” – report continued from Volume 18.

Issue 3 – March 1902

P.33-35 – “The Confirmation of Dr Gore as ‘Lord Elect of Worcester’ Rex v Archbishop of Canterbury” editorial. ‘Probably no one is greatly surprised at the issue of this suit.’

P.35 – “Official Notes”. ‘The Ritualistic Clergy List containing the names of 9600 clergy who are helping the Romeward movement in the Church of England, will be ready early in March.’

P.36-38 – “Is Queen Victoria in Purgatory?” Correspondence on the requiem mass held in St Matthew’s Church, Westminster, on the anniversary of her Majesty’s burial.

P.39-43 – “The Great Protestant Demonstration in the Albert Hall”. ‘the enormous gathering, computed at not less than ten thousand persons, which assembled in the Albert hall on February 4th, testifies to the unabated interest of the Nation in the Protestant cause.’

Issue 4 – April 1902

P.49-50 – “Some Recent Faculty cases”, editorial. ‘It is amazing that the Evangelical clergy have not the sense to give a whole-hearted support to the Church association which is fighting their battle against the growing tyranny of Diocesan papal rule.’

P.53-59 – “The Spring Conference”, proceedings of the conference held in Sheffield.

P.60-63 – Review of the book “The Elizabethan Prayer Book and Ornaments” (Rev H Gee).

Issue 5 – May 1902

P.65-66 – “Episcopal lawlessness”, editorial.

P.68-70 – “The Second Round Table Conference”

P.70-74 – “Our Protestant Vans”, report continued from P.27.

P.75-78 – Review of the book by Rev H Gee continued from P.63.

Issue 6 – June 1902

P.81-82 – “The Education Bill of the Government”, editorial.

P.84-85 – “The Coronation of King Edward VII”. ‘It is with a sense of positive relief that most of us have scanned the newly-revised “Form and Order” of the Service to be used on June 25th in Westminster Abbey.’

P.86-89 – “The 37th Anniversary”, proceedings of the annual meeting.

P.90-94 – Review of the book “History of the Church of England AD 1558-1570” (Canon Dixon).

Issue 7 – July 1902

P.97-99 – “Quousque Tandem?”, editorial. ‘The very sublimity of impudence has surely been reached when a score of Romanising clergymen write to the papers to censure the King, the Parliament, the Primate, and the Nation itself for daring to use the word “Protestant” in connection with the established religion of this country!’

P.99 – ‘The Council have decided to hold a Conference on the Parliamentary work of the Association during the sitting of the Autumn Session of Parliament. Now that the war is over, our opportunity comes; and we must endeavour to arouse the country to demand from the Government a settlement of the question of lawlessness in the National Church.’

P,100-102 – “The Ruin of Education in Ireland”. ‘A very remarkable book with the above title has been published from the pen of Mr Hugh O’Donnell, who was formerly one of Mr Parnell’s followers in Parliament. Mr O’Donnell is an educated Roman Catholic layman who sees that the woes of Ireland are due to the monopoly of education now vested in the R.C. clergy.’

P.102-103 – “The Noble Army of Martyrs”. ‘Our English martyrologist, John Fox, after suffering abusive detraction for many years, is at length beginning to receive a juster appreciation.’

P.103-105 – “Position of the Laity”

P.105-108 – “The Brighton Ritual Case”, notes on the second hearing.

Issue 8 – August 1902

P.113-114 – “The Reign of Lawlessness Among the Clergy”, editorial.

P.115 – ‘The Offices of the Association.  After being confined to our present offices for thirty years, during which time the Association has so largely grown, the council have at last found the means of enlarging our accommodation which was absolutely needed. No.13 Buckingham Street having become vacant, we have added two floors to our present offices and the whole has been redecorated.’

P.116-117 – “Archbishop Maclagan on Reservation of the Host”

P.119-122 – “Our Protestant Vans”, report continued from P.74.

Issue 9 – September 1902

P.129-130 – “Some Church Events of the Month”, editorial.

P.130 – “We deeply regret having to record the death of the Rev George Mallett of  Kemerton, but better known as of the Mariners’ Church, Gloucester. Mr Mallett was an earnest worker in the Master’s vineyard, a staunch Evangelical and a supporter of all Protestant Societies. He was one of the oldest subscribers to the Church Association. . . . The Church Association by his death has lost a true and sincere friend.”
(The Gloucester Mariners’ Church is one the Churches connected with the Church Society Trust.)

P.131 – “In Support of the King’s Oath”. ‘On Tuesday, February 25th 1902, The Rt Hon J W Mellor KC MP, presented to the House of Commons a large number of petitions in favour of the King’s declaration. . . . Grand total of signatures presented against tampering with the King’s Protestant Oath, 617,388.’

P.132-133 – “Church of the Annunciation, Brighton”, Judgment of Chancellor Tristram.

P.134-140 – “Joint Sittings of the Two Convocations”, ‘As it is essential to the proposals of the promoters of the Convocation Bill that a National legislative body be formed, the bolder spirits among them are urging the primates to boldly assume an inherent right to effect this without any warrant at all.’

P.140-142 – “Our Protestant Vans”, report continued from P.122.

Issue 10 – October 1902

P.145-146 – “The Present Position of the Education Question”, editorial.

P.148-149 & 150-151 – “The Right of Free Speech”, Article on the imprisonment of Mr J A Kensit ‘for refusing to discontinue the holding of public meetings in the open air with a view to call public attention to the prevalence of Romanism and the continued growth of illegal practices among the clergy of the Established Church is a very grave scandal, discrediting the magistracy of Liverpool and constituting a serious menace to the liberty of free speech in this country.’ (The Kensit family was instrumental in creating the Protestant Truth Society.)

P.149-150 – “Was the Crucifix One of the ‘Ornaments’ of the First Prayer Book”

P.152-154 – “Ornaments Retained and in Use”

P.154-155 – “The Nonconformists and the Education Bill”

P.155-156 – “The Poverty of the ‘Inferior’ Clergy”

Issue 11 – November 1902

P.161-162 – “’Religious’ Education”, editorial

P.1164-165 – “The Kensit Tragedy”. ‘The remonstrance addressed last month to the Home Secretary by the Council of the Church Association was followed up by the London Council of United Protestant Societies, who met at our office, and sent to the Home Secretary resolutions.’

P.165-168 – “The Statutory Prayer Book”

P.168 – “The Poverty of the ‘Inferior’ Clergy”, continued from P.156.

P.168-172 – “Our Protestant Vans”, report continued from P.142.

Issue 12 – December 1902

P.177-178 – “The Education Bill”, editorial.

P.180-182 – “Protestantism in Politics”

P.182 – “United Protestant demonstration”. ‘A great demonstration under the auspices of the Church Association, was held on November 10th in St George’s Hall, Liverpool. The large hall was crowded with an enthusiastic audience of quite 4,000 people, while outside  hundreds were unable to participate in the meeting.’ (This apparently was in support of the Kensit case.)

P.183-184 – “The Patronage of Keble College”

P.184-187 – “The Autumn Conference”, proceedings of the meetings held in Plymouth.

P.187-188 – “Dr Tristram and the Ritualists”, comments on the Brighton Ritual case.

P.188-189 – “Home Reunion”. ‘Although many things were said at the Northampton Church Congress calculated to give pain, it is refreshing to find that two of the most outspoken advocates in favour of a friendly recognition of Dissenters as fellow members of the Household of Faith were well received.’

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