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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 18 - 1901

Issue 1 – January 1901

P.1-2 – “Church Reform”, editorial.

P.4-5 – “The Fulham Conference”. ‘A feeling of relief that ‘no more harm has come of it’ would best describe the reception of the Bishop of London’s scheme. The protest put forth by the Council of the Church Association last may has been abundantly justified by the result.’

P.5-8 – “Why was the First Prayer Book of Edward VI Rejected?” ‘As Lord Halifax’s proposal to revive the Liturgy of 1549 is now being advocated by persons who know very little about its history, it is worth while to recall some of the facts.’

Issue 2 – February 1901

P.17 – “Absorpta est mors in Victoria”, a memorial on the death of Queen Victoria.

P.17-18 – “Church and State”, editorial. ‘The inflammatory language put into the mouth of the Duke of Norfolk, as he explains, . . .  very well illustrates the mundane conception both of the Church and matters ‘spiritual’ which is taken by the priesthood.’

P.20 – “The Episcopal Round Robin”. ‘Six months ago the Primates gave their quasi-judicial “Opinion” that incense is unlawful in the Church of England.’

P.20-22 – “Fasting Communion”

P.22-23 – “The Reunion of Corrupt Christendom with Heretical Bishops”

P.23-26 – “Our Protestant Vans”, an updated report.

P.28-30 – A review of the book  “How We Got Our Prayer Book” (Rev T W Drury).

Issue 3 – March 1901

P.33-34 – “Proposed Legislation for the Church”, editorial.

P.34 – An ‘address of condolence and congratulation which the Council have thought it their duty to send to the King’ is recorded.

P.36 – “Church Discipline Bill 1901”

P.36-38 – “Our Parish Magazines III”, continued from P.150 of Volume 17.

P.38-41 – “Church Reform”, the substance of an address on the ‘Convocation Bill’.

Issue 4 – April 1901

P.49-51 – “Cardinal Vaughan and the Royal Declaration against Popery”, editorial. ‘We dare not, either as Protestants or Englishmen, forego the safeguards which our forefathers provided at great cost, in order that they might exclude the “dispensing” power of the Pope and his cardinals; safeguards to which, therefore, King Edward VII, to the grateful contentment of his people, constitutionally bound himself “on the first day of his First Parliament”’.

P.53-57 – “The Spring Conference”, proceedings of the meeting held in Liverpool.

P.57-59 – “The Pinner Faculty Case” regarding ‘a faculty authorising a chancel screen to be set up . . . with a figure of our Lord on the cross . . . and the figure of the Virgin Mary on one side and of St John on the other’.

Issue 5 – May 1901

P.65-66 – “The Dover Scandal and Episcopal Oversight”, editorial. ‘The editor of The Dover Standard  has done a very great service to the Church of England and to the cause of religion by publishing evidence respecting the imposition of Confession upon Confirmation candidates.’

P.67-68 -  “Our Critics”. ‘The article on “Cardinal Vaughan and the Royal Declaration against Popery” has naturally drawn the fire of the “Catholic” (?) press; but nothing in the way of argument has hitherto been vouchsafed.’

P.70-71 – “Are Royal Oaths Dispensable”

P.71-72 – “Our Parish Magazines IV”, continued from P.38.

P.73-74 – “The Law as to Churchwardens (Rex v Souter)”

P.74-77 – “Our Protestant Vans”, continued from P.26.

Issue 6 – June 1901

P.81-83 – “Episcopal Oversight”, editorial.

P.84-85 – “The Bishop of St Albans v The Church of England”. ‘In a penny tract entitled “A Gross Scandal in the Diocese of St Albans”, the Church Association has published a description of perhaps the most outstanding and barefaced imitation of  Romanism hitherto reached.’

P.85-86 – “Another Duel between Halifax and Vaughan”

P.86 – “Our Parish Magazines V”, continued from P.72.

P.86-91 – “The 30th Anniversary”, proceedings of the Annual Meeting held in London.

Issue 7 – July 1901

P.97-99 – “The Bishop of London’s New Programme”,  editorial.

P.99 – A number of elections to the General Committee is recorded.

P.99 – ‘The Office of the Association has now been connected with the National Telephone System. Our number is “3239 Gerrard”.’

P.100-101 – “The King’s Declaration”

P.107-109 -  A review of the book “A History of the Book of Common Prayer” (Rev J H Maude).  ‘This is one of the “Oxford Church textbooks” for bringing back doctrinal popery into the Church of England.’

Issue 8 – August 1901

P.113-114 & 115 – “The King’s Declaration”, editorial and “An Address of the Church Association to the King”.

P.116-117 – “Ritualistic Appointments of the Government”. A letter from the secretary to the Prime Minister ‘to express our profound disappointment that the authorities should have so completely ignored the wishes of the House of Commons in the matter’ of selecting ‘for promotion . . . of clergymen who were publicly breaking the laws of the Church of England.’ A list of some eighty names is recorded.

P.118-121 – “Our Protestant Vans”, report continued from P.77.

P.123-126 – Book review of “A New History of the Book of Common Prayer on the basis of ‘Proctor’” (W H Frere)

Issue 9 – September 1901

P.129-130 – “The St James’s Hall Meeting”, editorial. ‘Our meeting at St James’s Hall, on the King’s Declaration, is admitted by all to have been the greatest possible success.’

P.131-133 – “The King’s Declaration”. ‘Why should we alter it? We will not alter it.’

P.133-135 – “The Irish Question”. ‘The Priest-party possess two great political advantages over their opponents.’
P.135-136 – “Bp John Wordsworth’s Apology for Illegal Ritualism”

P.136-140 – “The Great Demonstration Against Tampering with the King’s Declaration”, notes on a ‘magnificent’ meeting.

P.141 – ‘Stand Fast’, by the Rev Dr Wace. Review of his book. ‘The pith and quality of this outspoken sermon is contained in the following passage:- “But the Reformers, by the proclamation of the truth of Justification by Faith, and Faith alone, struck at the heart of this perversion, and broke through this environment of mystery”. . . And the effect on the character of individuals and corporations of these contrasted systems is ably worked out.’

Issue 10 - October 1901

P.145-146 – “Cardinal Vaughan at Newcastle”, editorial.

P.147-150 – “Bishop Winnington-Ingram’s ‘Policy’ of Connivance”, correspondence.

P.150-151 – “Not a Cowley’Father’”. Correspondence ‘relates to the report of illegal services which appeared in The Intelligencer for April.’

P.152-153 – “The Irish Nuisance and How to Abate It”

P.154-155 – “Adoration of the Virgin”

P.156-158 – “Our Parish Magazines VI”, continued from P.86.

Issue 11 – November 1901

P.161-162 – “Church Authority”, editorial.

P.163 – ‘For the purchase of an important advowson in a fashionable seaside resort in the south of England, £130 is still required. . . .  when the sum is completed, the patronage will be vested in the trustees of the Church Association.’

P.164-165 – “Does Ritualism Lead to Rome?”

P.167-169 – “How Faith is Kept with ‘Heretics’”. ‘We can better understand the contention of Cardinal Vaughan that the King’s Declaration is worthless, and cannot bind anybody, when we call to mind how his ‘Church’ in these islands has regarded its own solemn Pledges and declarations.’

P.169-172 – “Our Protestant Vans”, continued from P.121.

Issue 12 – December 1901

P.177-179 – “Lord Salisbury’s Nomination to the Bishopric of Worcester”, editorial. ‘The selection of Canon Gore for the bishopric of Worcester marks the steady determination of the Prime Minister to Romanize the Church of England through the bishops.’

P.179 – ‘The Protestant Chronicle has suddenly leapt into fame. Its first issue of 115,000 has been well received everywhere, and is looked upon as being one of the best educational works ever undertaken by the Association.’

P.181-185 – “The Autumn Conference”, proceedings of the meetings held in Weston-super-Mare.

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