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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 13 - 1896

Issue 1 – January 1896

P.3-4 – “Masses for the Dead”, editorial.

P.5-6 – “The Church Patronage Bill”, comment on the satisfactory handling by the Rev Canon Faber.

P.6-8 – “The Kilburn Sisters and Their Orphanages”, correspondence.

P.8-9 – “Why Are We Called Protestants?”, article by D Alcock.

P.9-11 – “The C A Meetings for Humiliation and Prayer”, proceedings and report.

Issue 2 – February 1896

P.19-20 – “Primates Heading the Priest-Party”, editorial.

P.22-23 – “Church Reform”, Comment on a letter relating to ecclesiastical stipends versus the pay of miners.

P.23-29 – “Our Protestant Vans”, reports on the activities of colporteur/evangelists.

Issue 3 – March 1896

P.35-36 – “’Church’ Legislation Behind the Back of Parliament”, editorial on ‘the form of a bill for enabling Convocation to tamper with the Prayer Book’.

P.36 – Rev W T McCormick elected member of Council.

P.37 – “The Distribution of Crown Patronage”, application by Church Association to the Marquis of Salisbury to receive a deputation – which was declined.

P.38-39 – “What Is Included in ‘Religious’ Education”, comments on Romish doctrine.

P.39-40 – “Convocation v Parliament”

P.41-44 – “Colporteurs’ Reports”, reports continued from November 1895, P.122.

Issue 4 – April 1896

P.51-52 – “The Benefices Bill and the ‘Record’ Newspaper”, editorial.

P.52 – “The ‘Luther’ Home”, the Church Association was invited to take over the running of this home ‘for the reception of Protestant gentlewomen in reduced circumstances’, totalling seven. The Council agreed to undertake this new venture.

P.53 – “Petition to Parliament re the Prime Minister’s Episcopal Appointments”, a protest against the policy in the exercise of patronage. ‘Out of a total of 34 Bishops, 20 are High Churchmen or Ritualists and not more than 5 are Evangelical Churchmen, of whom the present Prime Minister has nominated 13 of the former and only 3 of the latter.’

P.54-57 – “Benefices Bill”, comments and press opinions.

P.57 – “Ritualistic Practices at St George’s Hospital”. ‘It has long been a crying scandal that public hospitals should be used as hunting grounds for Ritualistic ‘vert catchers to proselytise the sick and bedridden.’

Issue 5 – May 1896

P.67-68 – “The Benefices Bill”, editorial. ‘The progress of this mischievous measure through Committee has not been encouraging.’

P.72-78 – “The Doncaster Conference”, proceedings, including ‘Church Patronage and Church Reform’, and ‘The Benefices Bill’.

Issue 6 – June 1896

P.83-85 – “The Benefices Bill”, editorial and ‘Objections’.

P.85 – Donations are invited as a special effort is being made by the Council to clear a debt of  £1500 incurred on account of the Protestant vans.

P.86 – “What Then, Did Happen at the Reformation?” Comment on an article which ridicules the attempt of the Abp of Canterbury to represent the Reformation as being too small a change to break the ‘continuity’ of the unreformed Church of England.

P.89-93 -  “The Thirty-First Anniversary”, proceedings of the annual meeting.

Issue 7 – July 1896

P.99-101 – “The Benefices Bill”, editorial. ‘The step taken by the bishops in memorialising the Prime Minister in favour of the Bill makes one almost despair of the Episcopate.’

P.103-105 – “The Vicar and the Colporteur” The Rev J M Lester, Vicar of Shifnal,  published the statement that “The Church of England offers to god the body and Blood of Christ, as Christ Himself offered it the night before His Crucifixion.” This and other similar statements were  ‘very properly controverted by Mr S Bradfield, the Church Association colporteur’. This article develops the argument.

P.106-110 – “Our Protestant Vans”, report on activities, continued from P.29.

Issue 8 – August 1896

P.115-116 – “Lord Halifax’s Defeat”, editorial. ‘The duel between the President of the English Church Union and Cardinal Vaughan has ended in the utter discomfiture of Lord Halifax.’

P.117 – “A New Patronage Trust”. ‘The present unfortunate condition of the Church of England is due mainly to its ‘patronage’ being vested in unsuitable hands.’

P.120-121 – “The Vicar and the Colporteur’, continuation of the argument from P.105.

P.122-123 – “Abp Benson’s Private Revision of the Prayer Book”. ‘. . .this handsomely printed book is no better than many of the slovenly and inaccurate reprints which have so long disgraced the “privileged” presses.’

P.123-125 – “Our Protestant Village Missions”, a continuation of the report on the vans and colporteurs.

Issue 9 – September 1896

P.131-132 – “More ‘Discipline’ for the Clergy”, editorial.

P.137-138 – “The Christian Priesthood”. ‘The Ritualistic fable of a “sacrificing priesthood” flourishes in great measure through neglect by Protestants of the Scripture doctrine of the priesthood.’

P.144 – A list of some 56 schools (one in France) is provided in which ‘Religious Instruction is a Special feature and of  a Strictly Evangelical Character’.

Issue 10 – October 1896

P.147-148 – “The Present State of the Diocese of York”, editorial.

P.149-151 – “Parish church of hensall, Yorkshire”. A memorandum by a correspondent upon the ritualistic features to be found in this church.

P.152-153 – “Dean Luckock and Prayers for the Dead”, comments on the articles appearing in the “Intelligencer” of 1895.

P.155-156 – “Depraving the Book of Common Prayer”. The Ritualists ‘ now seek to tamper with its structure and arrangement, and to pad out its ‘dry bones’, as they call them’.

Issue 11 – November 1896

P.163-165 – “Bishop-Worship”, editorial.

P.169-171 – “The Bp of Manchester on Laymen in Synods”

Issue 12 – December 1896

P.179-180 – “What Is the Law of the Church?”, editorial.

P.183-191 – “Autumn Conference”, proceedings of the conference held in Portsmouth.


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