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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 12 - 1895

Issue 1 – January 1895

P.3 – “The London School Board Election”, editorial

P.5-7 – “Bishop John Wordsworth’s Overtures to Rome”

P.7-12 – “The Autumn Conference”. Proceedings of the conference held at Norwich.

Issue 2 – February 1895

P.19-21 – “The Beatification of Laud”, editorial

P.21 – Rev Dr Hamilton and Mr E H Garrett elected members of Council.

P.23-26 – “Prayers for the Dead”, article by Rev C H H Wright.

P.26-29 – “Our Protestant Vans”, account of recent work by the Society’s colporteurs.

Issue 3 – March 1895

P.35-37 – “Chancellor Dibdin on the Church Patronage Bill”. Editorial.

P.38-39 – “A Day’s March Nearer Rome”, ‘Viscount Halifax has taken another step in advance beyond even his own former declarations in favour of the Papacy.’

P.39-41 – “Prayers for the Dead”, continuation of the article by Rev C H H Wright from P.26.

P.41-44 – “A Fresh Attack on the Thirty-Nine Articles”

P.44-47 – “Colporteurs’ Reports”, accounts of the work undertaken by the Society’s colporteurs and their protestant vans – the welcomes and oppositions experienced.

Issue 4 – April 1895

P.51-52 – “’Fatherly’ Judges for the Clergy”, editorial.

P.54-55 – “The Story of the ‘Bishop Hooper’ Protestant Van”, an account of the work in the use of this van in Gloucestershire and Shropshire. Particular mention is made of the support given by the Rev George Mallett of the Gloucester Mariners’ Hall (a Church Society Trust Parish).

P.55-57 – “Prayers for the Dead”, conclusion of the article by Rev C H H Wright, continued from P.41.

P.57-61 – “The Blackburn Conference”, proceedings.

Issue 5 – May 1895

P.67-70 – “Legislation by Surprise”, editorial on the Archbishops’ Patronage Bill.

P.70 – W N West Esq, the only remaining member of  the original Council of the Association, on resigning was appointed Vice-President. The Rev James Ormiston elected Member of Council.

P.72 – “Lord Halifax and the Pope”, letter from the Chairman of the Association to the Rt Hon the Earl of Roseberry.

P.73-74 – “The Debate on the Second Reading of the Patronage Bill”
P.75-77 – “The Consecration of Bp Cabrera”, correspondence on the appointment of a Protestant Bishop in Spain.

Issue 6 – June 1895

P.83-84 – “The Cranborne-Fisher Bill”, editorial on the Patronage Bill.

P.84-85 – “The SPG and the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament”, In response to frequent enquiries, a list of some 80 missionaries who subscribe to the CBS is given.

P.87-90 - “The Thirtieth Anniversary”, proceedings of the Annual Meeting.

Issue 7 – July 1895

P.99-100 – “The Bishop of Exeter on Lawless Ritualism”, editorial.

P.100-101 – “The Pope’s Letter to the British People”, a Declaration of the Council of the Church Association.

P.101 – A Protestant Van was requested for a four months campaign in the north of Ireland.

P.101 – Rev F Sumner elected a Member of Council.

P.102 – “Our Waxwork Exhibition”, an impression of a visit to an exhibition of models of instruments of torture, together with ritualistic vestments copied from the Church of Rome.

P.106-109 – “Our Protestant Vans”, extracts from the Journals of the colporteur/evangelists, continued from P.47.

Issue 8 – August 1895

P.115-116 – “The Greatest Danger of the Conservative Government”, editorial comment on the anticipated ‘disastrous results of an alliance between the Priest-party and the Conservatives’.

P.119-122 – “Colporteurs’ Reports”, extracts from Journals continued from P.109.

P.122-124 – “Bp John Wordsworth’s Overtures to Rome”

Issue 9 – September 1895

P.131-132 – “The Kilburn Sisterhood Again”, editorial.

P.137 – “The Queen in Scotland”, The Church Times is reported to be scandalised by ‘Her Majesty of recent years, when resident in the Highlands, contrary to her earlier practice, is habitually a recipient of the Presbyterian communion. It is very much to be regretted that the unionist candidates, when Episcopalians at heart, are so often in Scotland weak-kneed and unprincipled enough to cloak their allegiance to their own communion for political reasons.’

Issue 10 – October 1895

P.147-148 – “Lambeth’s Reply to Rome”, editorial.

P.148 – ‘We have received very satisfactory accounts from Mr Henry Courtney in charge of the van, now in the North of Ireland. . . The work, however has not been carried on without much difficulty and opposition from the Romanists, who have added to their rowdyism showers of stones and potatoes, which unfortunately have struck both Mr and Mrs Courtney.’

P.150-151 – “The Use of the Term ‘Priest’ in the Prayer Book”, ‘It is sometimes alleged that the word ‘Priest’ means ‘one who offers sacrifices’. That, however, is contrary to fact.’

P.151-152 – “Poisoning the Wells”, comment on ‘this craving to naturalise Romish and mawkish forms of worship’ illustrated by a work entitled ”Catholic Prayers for Church of England People”.

P.152-153 – “Papal ‘Recognition’ of Anglican Orders”, abstract of an address by Cardinal Vaughan.

P.154-156 – “The Invention of the Cross – Old Facts with New Faces – A Chat between Two Clergymen”, an illustrated article on the use of the cross as a symbol.

Issue 11 – November 1895

P.163-164 – “The Oxford Diocesan Conference”, editorial. An officer of the English Church Union intended to move a resolution condemning the action of the Church Association in sending vans into parishes like his.

P.168-169 – “The Gospel of ‘Expiation’”, an illustrated article on man-made ‘expiation’ articles such as flagellation whips and hair shirts.

Issue 12 – December 1895

P.179-180 – “Mariolatry and Reunion”, editorial.

P.183-188 – “Autumn Conference”,  proceedings of the conference at Bristol in which ‘Unity’ and ‘Church Patronage’ were discussed.

The annual report carries the revised title of ‘The Church Association into which have been incorporated the national protestant League, The Church of England Working men’s Protestant Union, and The Luther Memorial Home.’ The last item is the new entry.

(As in previous editions, reports on the activities of the various Branch Associations and the reviews of new books continue to be given in each issue.)



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