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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 11 - 1894

Issue 1 – January 1894

P.1 – The List of Schools, where Religious Instruction is a special feature and of a strictly Evangelical Character, contains 49 entries, mostly of small numbers of scholars.

P.3-4 – “The Education Difficulty”,  editorial.

P.6-12 – “Canon Little’s Reply to Archdeacon Farrar”, continued from Vol.10, P.184.

P.14-15 – “Life of Dr Pusey – Canon Liddon”,  a review of this biography. ‘The long-expected biography of the celebrated Tractarian leader will prove rather disappointing to his friends. . . . to tell the truth it is rather dull and tediously spun out. . . . The impression produced by this biography is corroborative viz that the ‘piety’ which is nourished by daily ‘hearing mass’, and by ‘sacramental’ confession is characterised also by a want of simplicity and directness of purpose.’

Issue 2 – February 1894

P.19-20 – “Are the Bishops Trustworthy?”,  editorial.

P.20-21 - “Mass for the Dead”, correspondence between Church Association and the Bishop of London.

P.21 – The ninth ‘Protestant van’ was put into service. A harmonium was donated for another, and a tricycle provided for use by one of the colporteurs.

P.23-30 – “Our Vans and Colporteurs”, a lengthy report featuring ‘scanty extracts from the voluminous Reports for the last six months of some twenty men who have been at work’.

Issue 3 – March 1894

P.35-36 – “The Episcopal March toward Rome”,  editorial.

P.37 – The gift of a tenth van for use in Hampshire is recorded.

P.39-41 – “Novelty of the Eastward Position”

P.41-44 – “The First Book of Homilies”, ‘A recent remark in the Intelligencer to the effect that the Homilies put forward in King Edward’s time had really originated in the reign of Henry VIII has given rise to several inquiries.’

Issue 4 – April 1894

P.51-52 – “Ritualistic Hatred of the Reformation”, editorial.

P.52 – The gift of the eleventh van is recorded.

P.54-59 – “The Bradford Conference”, proceedings.

Issue 5 – May 1894

P.67-68 – “Religious Education in Board Schools”,  editorial.

P.69 – “Lay Ministrations”

P.71-72 – “Does Ritualism Lead to Rome?”

P.72-74 – “Presbyterian Puseyism”

P.74-77 – “The Second Book of Homilies”, a follow-through of the article from P.44.

Issue 6 – June 1894

P.83-84 – “Back-Stairs Revision of the Liturgy”,  editorial.

P.85-86 – Details are given of the eleven Protestant vans and their locations.

P.86-87 – “The Church Patronage Bill”, ‘As this bill has been already twice read in the House of Commons, there is imminent danger of its passing into law to the great injury of the Church of England.’

P.88-89 – “Rate Aid to Roman Catholic Schools”, ‘Concurrent endowment in England is being advocated by ‘Cardinal’ Vaughan . . . shows us the reality of the danger.’

P.89-90 – “Parsonolatry”, ‘We are all familiar with the premonitory symptoms of this now prevalent disease.’

P.90-92 – “The Twenty-Ninth Anniversary”, proceedings of the annual meeting.

Issue 7 – July 1894

P.99 – “London School Board Election, 1894”,  editorial.

P.100-101 – “’Religious Education’ – for Children of the Church of England”, comments on ‘The Penny Liturgy, A Catechism, Mass and The Children’s Eucharist’.

P.102-103 – “The Pope and the Bishops of England” and “Bp John Wordsworth on Ritualism and Reunion with Rome”.

P.103-110 – “Protestant Vans”, reports.

Issue 8 – August 1894

P.115-117 – “The Church Patronage Bill”, editorial. ‘The apathy with which this mischievous measure is regarded by the clergy seems marvellous.’

P.117 – An appeal for funds to continue the ministry of the Protestant vans. ‘The annual cost of the maintenance of these vans, with their Colporteurs and horses, in addition to repairs and incidental expenses involved, will be almost as great as the original outlay in procuring them – not far short of £200 a year each.’

P.119-120 – “The Praise of Monkery”

P.120-122 – “Our Lady”, article by Rev T J Gaster.

P.122-126 – “Colporteurs’ Reports”, continued from P.110.

Issue 9 – September 1894

P.131-132 – “Mr Gladstone on Undenominationalism”,  editorial.

P.132-134 – “Idols in the Diocese of London”, correspondence and comments.

P.134 – “Our Vans – A New Radical Craze”, ‘ A very curious tradition has gone abroad through certain radical newspapers. “The appearance in the country villages of a series of vans labelled ‘Church Association’ is the latest device of the squire and the parson to stem the advancing tide of village democracy.’

P.137-138 – “Mr Gladstone on Usury and Unity”

P.141 – “Growing Popularity of the Church Association”, ‘The increased sympathy felt with our work is shown by the notices of the religious press.’

Issue 10 – October 1894

P.147-148 – “Mr Gladstone on the Atonement”,  editorial.

P.149 – ‘A ton of Bibles, Prayer Books and Protestant publications is required every month to satisfy the wants of our Colporteur-Evangelists.’

P.150-152 – “Religious Teaching in Board Schools”, a manifesto issued in protest by the National Union of Teachers.

P.155-156 – “Canon Knox Little on the Confessional”

P.157-160 – Book reviews of ‘What is Evangelical Religion’ (Bishop Ryle) and ‘A Concise History of the Various Revisions of the Book of Common Prayer’ (Rev Chas Stirling).

Issue 11 – November 1894

P.161 – “Urgent Appeal for Funds. £1000 Needed Immediately”

P.163-164 – “The Vain Vauntings of Dr Vaughan”, editorial.

P.165-166 – “The Church Association Van-Guard”, ‘In reference to the Appeal which appears on the front page on the present number, the good opinion of those who have  come in contact with our vans and colporteur-evangelists  . . . prove that this Agency meets a felt need.

P.168-169 – “Religious Education”, further comment.

P.170-172 – “Incense”

Issue 12 – December 1894

P.179-180 – “Idol-Worship and the Bishops’ Veto”,  editorial.

P.183-185 – “Incense”, continued from P.172.


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