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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 10 - 1893

Issue 1 – January 1893

P.3 – “The Day of Humiliation”, editorial.

P.7-9 – “The Last Advance on Ritualism”

P.9-12 – “Meetings for Humiliation, Prayer and Confesssion of Sin”, proceedings in the Exeter Hall. ‘The outside public do not seem to have remarked the very decided revival of interest and energy within the Church Association.’

Issue 2 – February 1893
P.19-21 – “Our Critics”, editorial.

P.21 – T W Cowan and Andrew Simon Lamb elected Members of Council.

P.22-23 – “Abp Maclagan’s Attack on Evening Communion”, ‘Although a majority of the bishops of the Northern Province are in favour of Evening Communions, . . . Abp Maclagan has thought it decent to threaten with his displeasure any of his clergy who dare to follow the example of our Saviour by celebrating . . . in the evening.’

P.23-24 – “Moving the Table at the Communion Time”, ‘The action of certain clergymen who have moved the holy table from the east end and placed it tablewise in the chancel or in the body of the church is receiving the careful attention of counsel.’

P.24-26 – “Archdeacon Sinclair on Reformation Prospects”, ‘Dr Sinclair has shown that, in spite of being surrounded by High-Church colleagues, he is not ashamed to preach many of the truths vindicated and recovered by the Reformation.’

P.26-30 – “Our Colporteurs”, reports on the activities of these itinerant evangelists.

Issue 3 – March 1893
P.35-37 – “The Duty of Protestant Churchmen at Parliamentary Elections”, editorial.

P.40-42 – “Revision of the Prayer Book”, ‘The Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA has at length completed the revision of its Prayer book which commenced in 1880. It is interesting to notice that the drift of the revision is backwards. . . . After weighing all these alterations, it will be seen that the Irish Prayer Book remains the best and most satisfactory Revision of our venerable Liturgy.’

Issue 4 – April 1893
P.51-53 – “The Growing Revolt against the Lambeth Judgment”, editorial on the judgment in the case of the Bishop of Lincoln.

P.55-61 – “The Sheffield Conference”, proceedings.

Issue 5 – May 1893
P.67-68 – “The Moribund Vestry”, editorial.

P.71-76 – “Church Discipline and the ‘Historic Episcopate’”,  paper read by L K Rankin at the Sheffield conference.

Issue 6 – June 1893
P.82 – Mr Henry Miller, Secretary to the Church Association, is recorded as Registrar of the National Protestant League – the organisation which undertakes the care of the CA’s Branch Associations.

P.83-84 – “The Rekindling of Protestantism”, editorial.

P.85 – Details of the opening of a training centre for colporteurs, six men enrolled, also details of the ‘Protestant Vans’.

P.92-95 – “The Annual Meeting”, proceedings.

Issue 7 – July 1893
P99-100 – “The Education Difficulty”, editorial.

P.104-106 – “The Priest on His Throne”, ‘Dialogues on the Christian Sacrifice by – the Professor, the Rector and the Doctor.’

P.106-110 – “Our Colporteurs”, reports.

Issue 8 – August 1893
P.115-118 – “Religious Education”, editorial.

P.118 – The examination in Reformation History was held in the previous month and the prizewinners are announced.

P.118-119 – Addresses by the Chairman – Alex W Cobham – extending the best wishes of the Association were sent to the Duke of York and the Princess Mary of Teck on their forthcoming marriage.

P.120-122 – “The Priest on His Throne”, continuation of the dialogue from P.106.

P.122-126 – “Undoing the Work of the Reformation”, by Archdeacon  Farrar.

Issue 9 – September 1893
P.131-133 – “Archdeacon Farrar and His Critics”, editorial.

P.134-135 – “The Protestant Van Movement”, dedication of two preaching vans for the Association.

P.139-141 – “The Priest on His Throne”, continuation of the dialogue from P.122.

Issue 10 – October 1893
P.147-150 – “A Thrice-Cooked Judgment”, editorial.

P.153-156 – “The Priest on His Throne”, continuation of the dialogue from P.141.

Issue 11 – November 1893
P.163-165 – “Archdeacon Farrar and the principles of the Reformation”, editorial.

P.165 – ‘The large demand which has sprung up for Bibles and Testaments through our colportage agencies has enabled the Association to commence publishing its own Bibles.’

P.167-169 – “Canon Little’s Reply to Archdeacon Farrar”, ‘The truth in this entire pamphlet is based on a dexterous shuffling of the testimony given by Scripture and experience in favour of candid, mutual acknowledgement of faults committed, and fraternal advice based on . . . ‘Sacramental’ absolution given by priests which the apostles and their first successors never used.’

P.169-171 – “Symbolism: Its Use and Abuse”, paper read by Sir C Robert Lighton at the Birmingham conference.

P.173-175 – “The Priest on His Throne”, continuation of the dialogue from P.156.

Issue 12 – December 1893
P.177 – An appeal for funds, ‘to extend their (The Council’s) previous operations in the way of Education, Mission Work and Parliamentary action.’  The statement continues ‘The Association has now eight vans which have been built, horsed and equipped at an expenditure of £200 each; arrangements are being made for two more vans. The annual cost will average £200. There are besides, Colporteurs  employed in twelve counties, whose salaries (£75 each) are in nearly all cases furnished by local liberality.’

P.179-180 – “What is ‘Sacerdotalism’?”, editorial.

P.181-184 – “Canon Little’s Reply to Archdeacon Farrar”, continued from P.169.

P.185-186 – “The Priest on His Throne”, continuation of the dialogue from P.175.

P.187-192 – “The Autumn Conference”. Proceedings from the conference at Tunbridge Wells.


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