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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 9 - 1892

This volume is missing from the Church Society library.

The following is taken from the Church Association Annual Report for 1892 which was presented at the 27th Annual Meeting held in the Exeter Hall on 1st May 1893. The following items are listed.

P.17 – ‘At the last Annual meting the intense anxiety then felt as to the forthcoming judgment of the Privy Council in Read and others v. the Lord Bp of Lincoln, found expression in the Resolution which was unanimously adopted:- “That in view of the grave issues involved in the forthcoming judgment of Her Majesty in Council in the case of the Bishop of Lincoln, this meeting urges upon all loyal adherents of the Reformation  settlement the imperative duty of rallying round the Church Association, and of constant application for the Divine guidance that the Council may be wisely directed to their future action”.’

P.23 – ‘Another grave consideration to which the Council feel bound to refer is the failure of the Royal Supremacy to protect the law-abiding members of the Church of England against their “spiritual” defrauders. Under parliamentary government the prerogative of the Crown may be considered as virtually “in commission”; and by an unhappy combination of circumstances the leaders of both political parties are themselves active Priest-partisans, and the judges, no longer paid by fees, have a direct motive for desiring to shirk the irksome duty of reviewing the action of the bishops.’

P.23 – Abandonment of Litigation – ‘One practical result became inevitable. So long as the Queen’s judges could be relied upon to give effect to the statutes of the Realm which constitute the legal basis of the Reformation Settlement, the Church Association refused to be a party to, or to connive at, any attempt to treat the law as a dead letter, and thus to throw away all practical gain from the legislation of the past. But during the last twelve months Lord Penzance refused to enforce his own judgment, under the pretext that some future bishop might refuse to allow the illegal practice which his Lordship had judicially condemned to be even submitted to a lawful tribunal!’

P.24 – The New Programme – ‘Of course this abstinence form all recourse to the Law Courts implies increased activity in other departments. The duty of contending more earnestly, more methodically, and more incessantly, than before, has been emphasised by the changes in the attitude of the Episcopal bench toward the disciplinary methods and Canon Law of Rome. Accordingly, after a brief correspondence, a Conference of our leading supporters was summoned which, after discussing the difficulties of the situation, unanimously agreed to continue the work of the Association with increased vigour, and (with certain reservations as to details referred back to the Council for further consideration), the following Programme was cordially adopted as the basis of future action:- ‘  Here follows the ‘Scheme of Future Policy’ with its details enumerated under the headings of  ‘Organization, Education, Mission Work, Parliamentary, Press, Individual Action and Publications’.

P.30 – Vans and Colporteurs – ‘It is evident that a great future lies before us in this department, which needs to have its operations extended to every county in England. The Council have made arrangements for the opening of a Training College in which, in future, our colporteurs will be specially trained, with a view to their own peculiar work.’

Details are tabulated of the work of thirteen colporteurs, two of which were working with vans.


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