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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 8 - 1891

This volume is missing from the Church Society library.

The following is taken from the Church Association Annual Report for 1891 which was presented at the 27th Annual Meeting held in the Exeter Hall on 2nd May 1892. The following items are listed.

The title page states the scope of the Association to have been expanded into ‘The Church Association and National Protestant League into which has been incorporated The Church of England Working Men’s Protestant Union.’

P.18 – The Library is mentioned, with a request - ‘There are many works of the greatest possible interest and value which the Council cannot as yet afford to annex. Contributions for this purpose will always be most welcome.’

P.18 – History Prizes. ‘To induce the wider study of the History of the Reformation’ some fourteen prizes of books are being offered in answer to questions to be put forward. ‘The examination questions will be based upon that portion of English Reformation History comprised within the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth.’

P.20 – Colporteurs. Some six ‘useful agents’ are mentioned, with the proposed appointment of a further three in the ensuing year. It appears that appointments are made on a county basis.

P.27 – The Misprinted Prayer Book – ‘It is obvious that no alterations of the Prayer Book ought to be permitted except such as have been authorised by Orders in Council, or by later statutes. Nothing less than an honest reproduction of the authorised text should content Churchmen.’

P.28 – A Protestant Van – ‘By the liberality of a self-sacrificing lady the Council have been enabled to build and horse a Van, which . . . is intended to supplement the work of the Colporteurs by disseminating more widely the same kind of information from a moveable platform, and to pass rapidly from place to place in search of  “fresh fields and pastures new”. This method, though yet untried, is full of hope and promise.’
            Later issues of The Intelligencer report on the progress of a number of vans employed by Church Association.

P.29 – Parliamentary Action – Mr Danckwertz drafted, on behalf of the Council, a new Bill, dealing with the Church Discipline Bill of 1840 and the Public Worship Regulation Act of 1874 separately, these being the only two methods open to litigants at present in ecclesiastico-“criminal” suits. The other Bill, for substituting deprivation for imprisonment in cases of clerical contumacy, has also been reintroduced.’

P.29 – Legal – ‘The failure of Mr Hakes’ suit against an admitted wrong-doer illustrates the urgent need of reform in the ecclesiastical courts.’

P.30 – The Reredos at St Paul’s – ‘The facts are that neither the Bishop, who had himself been a party to its erection, nor the Dean and Chapter, who erected it contrary to law, dare permit a judicial investigation.’

P.31 – The Condition and Aims of the Episcopate – The notorious packing of the Episcopal bench which has resulted from the leaders of the rival political parties happening to be both at the same time sacerdotalists in their church politics, has long cried out for redress.’

P.54-61 – A list of Life Members of the Association, together with the dates of their appointment, is given. ‘Benefactors of £5 and upwards in one year shall be members for life.’

P.117-128 – Presents a list of Publications issued by the Association.  


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