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 The Church Intelligencer

Volume 7 - 1890

Issue 1 – January 1890

P.1 – The Council has prepared a register of “Schools where religious instruction is a special feature and of strictly evangelical character”.

P.3-4 – “Bp Temple’s Veto”, editorial.

P. 5 – “Mr Gladstone on the Reformation”,  a follow-up of the articles in the Intelligencer for August and December 1888.

P.6-10 – “The Queen v Bishop of London”, judgment of the Court of Appeal.

Issue 2 – February 1890
P.19-20 – “A High Altar for St Alban’s”, editorial comment on ‘the proposal for erection of a chapel on the spot where poor Mr Mackonochie died’.

P.22 – “Schismatic Influence of Ritualism”

P.23-24 – “The Kingdom of God”, ‘The claim of priests to rule independently over the Church is often rested upon the Bible use of the word ‘Kingdom’.‘

Issue 3 – March 1890
P.35 – “The National Protestant League”,  editorial comment on the formation of ‘another Society’.

P.36-41 – “Read and Others v the Bishop of Lincoln”, notes of the trial ‘of the merits’ of this case.

P.42-48 – “Spring Conference”, proceedings of the conference in Preston.

Issue 4 – April 1890
P.51-52 – “The Killamarsh Scandal”

P.52 – A large framed portrait of the late Rev Canon Blakeney is to be provided for the Council Room as testimonial to the twenty-fifth anniversary of his founding of the Church Association.

P.53-55 – “The ‘Ministers and Mistakers’ of the First Prayer Book”, ‘the First Prayer Book of Edward VI proved a failure.’

P.55-59 – “Read and Others v the Bishop of Lincoln”, continued from P.41.

P.61-63 – A review of the newly published ‘The Prayer Book of Queen Elizabeth, 1559’, ‘ . . . it enables everybody to read for himself the Act of Uniformity of Elizabeth . . . and it deserves to be closely studied.’

Issue 5 – May 1890
.67-68 – “The Easter Vestries”, editorial.

P.70-71 – “Protestant Defence Association of the Church of Ireland”

P.71-72 – “The Qualifications of Churchwardens in New Parishes”, reprint from the English Churchman.

Issue 6 – June 1890
P.83-84 – “The Table of the Lord”, editorial.

P.85 – Mr G J Copping appointed to the Council.

P.87-94 – “The Annual Meeting”, proceedings.

Issue 7 – July 1890
P.99-100 – “One Church – One lord’s Table”, editorial.

P.100 – “St Paul’s Reredos (rule nisi granted)”

P.101-102 – “The Law as to Duplicate or Second Tables for the Lord’s Supper”

P.103-105 – “The Placing of the Lord’s Table”

P.106-110 – “The Churchman’s Library – No.1, Literary Fiction” together with “Tales”, a list of books.

Issue 8 – August 1890
P.115-116 – “Waiting for the Verdict”, editorial, re ‘the delay in giving judgment in the case of the Bp of Lincoln’.

P.116 – “The Council are trying to make arrangements with the Principals of all the schools upon their register for an examination of the pupils in Reformation History at Christmas or Easter next, and prizes to the value of £10 will be awarded.”

P,116 – “Library”, ‘Another library, containing about 2,000 volumes, has been presented to the Association which added to their own 2,000 and the previous gift of 3,000 volumes will form a collection  of controversial works of unequalled value on all Ritualistic and Romish questions’. This is followed by an appeal for some further 23 named works to be presented to the collection.

P.119 – “The Dean of Canterbury and the Worship of ‘Becket the Traitor’”, ‘After all it must be admitted that Dean of Canterbury may consistently promote the religious veneration of Thomas Becket . . .’

P.120-121 – “The Lust of Power in the English Bishops”

P.125-127 – “Nunnery Life in the Church of England”, review of book by Sister Mary Agnes OSB.

Issue 9 – September 1890
P.131 – “The ‘Lawless Ones’ in Council”, editorial comment on subsequent action following the editorial in Issue 8 above.

P.133-134 – “Cardinal Newman and Anglo-Catholicism”, ‘In Dr Newman the Tractarians have lost their founder.’

P.134-135 – “The Limits of Ritual in the Church of England”

P.136-138 – “The True Apostolic Succession”

Issue 10 – October 1890
P.147-148 – “Protestant Classes for Churchmen”. Editorial.

P.148-150 – “The Reformation in England under Henry VIII and Edward VI”, a few hints offered to students who propose to compete for the prizes offered by the Council.

P151 – “Dr Pusey on Ritualism”

P.153 – “The Late Cardinal Newman”, comments on ‘the undiscriminating chorus of flattering notices’.

P.153-155 – “Some Unpublished Evidence Respecting the Ornaments Rubric of 1662”

Issue 11- November 1890
P.163 – “The ‘Reconciliation’ of St Paul’s”, editorial, followed by an article on P.164-165.

P.165-167 – “A Parliamentary Debate on the Lord’s Supper”, comments on the debate in the House of Lords in 1548, ‘It is probably the first systematic account of any debate in Parliament’.

P.167-168 – “The Ungarbled Prayer Book at Last”,  ‘Although three years have elapsed since the Chairman of the Church Association called public attention to the fact that grave errors exist in nearly all the published books of Common Prayer . . . The steady and persistent pressure kept up by the C A  has at last been rewarded.’

P.168-169 – “Bishop Ryle on the Priesthood of the Laity”

Issue 12 – December 1890
P.179-183 – “The Archbishop’s Judgment”

P.183-184 – “St Paul’s Reredos – Second Veto”. report of the hearing.

P.184-191 – “The Autumn Conference”, proceedings of the conference at Hull, ‘one of the happiest and most profitable and spiritual conferences ever held by the Association.’


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